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Kindred Hospital South Florida Hollywood

1859 Van Buren St, Hollywood, FL 33020

Based on 248 reviews

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Kindred Hospital South Florida Hollywood Description

At Kindred Hospital South Florida - Hollywood, we provide 89-beds of comprehensive long-term acute care that is equal to the same quality you'd find in a traditional hospital setting -- but for an extended recovery time. Our team of medical professionals is available 24/7 to join forces with your doctor and get you on the path towards a healthier lifestyle. For those in need of specialized medical care, we provide two negative pressure chambers and an on-site pharmacy. Just a stone's throw away from Hollywood Beach, nestled near Young Circle Park lies our oasis - complete with nearby dining and shopping options galore!

Comprehensive rehabilitation programs offer those with disabilities, injuries or complex medical conditions a chance to lead fuller lives. These programs take a comprehensive route to recovery, focusing on enhancing physical abilities, developing autonomy and nurturing mental/emotional health for total well-being.

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  • Estimated Facility Price: $5,865
  • Average City Price: $5,777
  • Average State Price: $5,777
  • Average National Price: $7,090
  • Ranking

  • Ranking in City: 11 out of 16 communities in Hollywood
  • Ranking in State: 1255 out of 1691 communities in FL
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    Information from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

    This nursing community has been given an overall rating of 2 out of 5 stars by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid receiving 2 stars on its health inspection, 4 stars on its quality measures rating, and 4 stars on its staffing rating. This nursing home is certified by Medicare and was first approved to provide Medicare services on 05/04/16 and is run by a for profit organization. It is a medium-sized nursing community with 30 nursing beds. Currently, there are 29 residents within the nursing community. Be advised these resident occupancy numbers are not always up to date and are collected from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services website periodically. The community is located inside a hospital.

    Alerts from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

    This facility has been given 4 fines by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for a total of $4,560.15. The facility has had 2 facility incidents reported in the last 3 years that resulted in a citation.

    Overall Ratings

    Kindred Hospital South Florida Hollywood is a nursing home that holds a 2-star overall rating, placing it in the bottom 40% of facilities both in terms of its overall rating and its health inspection rating, which is also scored at 2 out of 5 stars. Both these ratings are noted to be below the state average. However, it stands out with its quality rating, as it boasts a 4-star quality rating, the second highest attainable score. This places it in the top half of all facilities in relation to its quality rating, and additionally, it marginally exceeds the state average in this category.

    Staff Ratings

    Situated in the heart of South Florida, Kindred Hospital South Florida Hollywood is a nursing home renowned for the excellence of its staff, proudly boasting a 4-star staff rating, the second highest achievable ranking. This esteemed nursing home is situated within the top 10% of facilities for the amount of nursing aide staffing hours allotted per resident per day, with an impressive daily average of 2.96 hours, substantially above the state standard of 2.35 hours. Additionally, it holds a position within the top 30% of establishments for LPN staffing hours, clocking an average of 1.05 hours per resident per day, providing quantifiable quality above the state's typical LPN staffing of 0.83 hours. The home also ranks within the top 10% for both RN staffing hours and licensed staffing hours per resident per day, with average daily RN staffing at 1.8 hours and licensed staffing at 2.85 hours, significantly outstripping the state standards of 0.67 and 1.51 hours respectively. Assuredly committed to adequate rehabilitation support, Kindred Hospital South Florida Hollywood also stands within the top 10% of facilities in terms of physical therapist staffing, furnishing residents with an uplifting 0.17 hours per day that outpaces the state's 0.09 hours average.

    Covid Data

    The Kindred Hospital South Florida Hollywood nursing home unfortunately ranks in the bottom 20% of facilities in terms of residents being up to date with their vaccinations, its current rate sitting well below the state average at a concerning 37.0%, compared to the state's average of 52.9%. This severe deficiency not only pertains to residents, but also to the staff, whose vaccination rate is also below the average. The nursing home finds itself in the bottom half of facilities for staff vaccination, with an up-to-date vaccination rate of just 12.3%, markedly lower than the state's staff average of 20.2%. These numbers reason that the nursing home has some catching up to do, to ensure the safety and health of both its residents and staff.

    Quality Measures

    Kindred Hospital South Florida Hollywood is a renowned nursing home that prides itself on its exceptional care and services. This esteemed establishment distinguishes itself from the bunch as it has earned a remarkable 4-star quality measure rating, which is the second highest possible ranking. Such a prestigious acknowledgement denotes their unwavering commitment to providing top-tier care to their residents, maintaining an optimal standard of infection control and assuring the overall satisfaction and comfort of their patients. Their high-grade clinics and seasoned staff are clear manifestations of the premium level of care they promise.

    Emergency and Hospitalization Quality Measures

    The Kindred Hospital South Florida Hollywood nursing home is ranked in the top 40% of facilities for its percentage of short-stay residents who have had outpatient emergency department visits, with a rate of 9.1%. This figure is lower than the state's percentage, which is 9.97% for similar cases. On the other hand, Kindred Hospital South Florida Hollywood stands in the bottom 40% regarding the percentage of short-stay residents rehospitalized after nursing home admission. Its rate is 25.03%, which is still relatively lower than the state's average of 25.54% for the same metric. In other words, this nursing home has a notably lower rehospitalization rate after nursing home admission, reflecting a move towards better patient management.

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  • High Temperature: 86°F
  • Low Temperature: 70°F
  • Average Temperature: 79.6°F
  • Day Breakdown: 260 days of rain and 104 days of sun
  • Precipitation: 4.3 inches a year
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    General Staff Rating
    Based on 13 total reviews
    Care Staff Rating
    Based on 27 total reviews
    Food Staff Rating
    Based on 1 total reviews
    Cleanliness Rating
    Based on 3 total reviews
    Activities and Services Rating
    Based on 1 total reviews
    Cindy S.

    1.0 rating

    This place should be shut down. My father was in this sorry excuse for a healthcare facility & we had to call 911 from his room to get him proper medical care. A family member went to visit him & could hear he screaming in pain from several rooms away. Not a single person went in to check on him & when my brother got in the room & saw how much pain he was in, he ran out and asked a worker to get a Dr in there! This person looked at him like a deer caught in headlights & said there wasn't a Dr around.  He then said to call one! She came back saying she couldn't reach the Dr.  Luckily my brother called 911 himself & got our Dad the hell out of there as he had fluid in his abdomen & around his right lung. Not to mention my brother told a nurse there the prior Thursday that our Dad was having belly pain & requested a Dr check him out. That didn't happen.

    Lakita K.

    2.0 rating

    The 5 stars reviews are suspicious because there is NO WAY they rated the same Kindred Hollywood where my mother was for 2 months. First, I'll start with the positive and the most important thing which is the fact that my mother was discharged from Kindred alive. In addition, the nurses are really nice and caring. If i had to rate the nurses specifically, I'd give 5 stars. Also, the CEO Roberta is really nice and professional. I'm sorry she ended up at Kindred, she really deserves better.That sums up all the positives. The CNA's at Kindred are absolutely horrible. I wonder who was on the CNA interview panel because they missed the mark. Those girls are so unprofessional. They literally got upset when you asked them to do what they are getting paid to do (nothing extra). They didn't clean my mother properly, they didn't follow the wound specialist's recommendations which caused her wounds to worsened. One specific CNA (last name Bailey) was soooo rude to my family. While sitting in the room with our mother, she would close the curtain so we can't see what she was doing. She spoke to us in a condescending manner, and God forbid we ask her to rotate our mom as she was being rotated after 4 or more hours instead of every 2 hours. She does not need to be working with sick patients. The cleaning lady didn't even try to clean up the rooms. She was in and out in 2 minutes (no exaggeration). The lobby area is the only semi-clean area in the hospital. Lastly, mom had a horrible cough for weeks and no one bother to check for pneumonia. It was hard to watch how bad she would cough nonstop. My family had to push the issue about her coughing, then they actually investigated the cause of the cough and learned she had pneumonia. My mom's heart condition caused her to swell up with fluids. She was huge for almost the entire 2 months, she is now in Rehab at Encompass and in 4 days, her swelling is completely gone. The care she is receiving now is what prompted me to write this review. There is such a difference between the two hospitals one is professional and the other is a step above a hospital in a 3rd world country. If you have no choice but to send your family member to Kindred,  please sit there ALL DAY to ensure they are treating your loved ones right. I lost many nights of sleep leaving my mom at Kindred. My family took shifts sitting with my mom and they still left her in urine all day on more than one occasions. The CNS's hate when the patients have family members looking over them because they have to work. I am so happy my mom is no longer there. I haven't had to take melatonin to sleep since her discharge. Oh and lastly,  I was my mother's proxy at Kindred, yet I wasn't told my mom was being discharged. No one knew she was being discharged, my mother didnt even know. When my brother went to visit her for a normal visit, he was told transportation would be there to take her to another facility in 2 hours. We were confused and livid. I can write a book about my mom's experience at Kindred, but I'll sum it up by saying...DO NOT SEND YOUR FAMILY THERE. Please!!!

    SlowFoot V.

    1.0 rating

    My mother in law had a stroke. Her entire right body half is limp. The physical therapy is sub-par and will only do their 15 minute visit after she her diaper change which incidentally didn't happen until very late morning on average. So, PT shows up early and cannot do their job!??She acquired a wound under their care as well which they could not explain.. Bonus, her roomate fell out of the bed, could not move, my mother in law kept pressing the button for a nurse...Noone showed up. She had to yell HELP out of the top of her lungs to get someone in there. Go somewhere else, this place is terrible.

    Todd R.

    1.0 rating

    My wife passed away 4 months after this was written.  She was the most kind and compassionate woman this world has ever seen. She gave her heart and soul for human rights and took care of people she did not know.  My experience,  as her advocate was, hospitals see her as a number. What happened to her at kindred was a disgrace. She was in 4 different hospitals in one year and by far kindred was the worst. The best care my wife received was in hospice.  She was treated with dignity and was attended to as needed and not when the nurse had the time.  Its a shame that we get treated better when we die and not while we are alive.From my experience,  if I ever had cancer. I will never go through the system.  I would rather die in peace then to be in pain and see the world without compassion.

    Michelle S.

    5.0 rating

    First of all I would like to say thank you to all the talented angels that are doctors and nurses that have been taking great care of my mother. From before she even got there and even up until now I have gotten nothing but the up most care for my mom. I have received and still receiving updates every other day on how mom is doing. I also receive stay safe blessings and in return I do the same for them. Since my mom have been sick, it have been really rough on me, but to know that there are people out there to help when I can't be in the same room or even in the same City with her is the most biggest blessing that a person could have. I have never heard of your facility until I got the phone call saying that my mom was going to go there. Since then I have thank God everyday that my mom was chosen to go to your facility to recover. So in my appreciation I sent the staff a gift, although it was sent on Mother's Day it was really for everyone to enjoy because of my complete appreciation of the angels that are taking care of the most precious angel my life. In closing, I will tell anybody that will listen about Kindred Hospital South Hollywood and how everyone was so attentive to my mother's needs and in my need to know what's going on with her throughout this pandemic.I just can't say thank you enough to you all. Many blessings to you all and your families. May God continue to use you as vessels in the care of each other, your patients and the families of those patients. Prayers to you all to keep having strength, courage and faith to get through this with God's help or to whomever you pray to.

    Halo W.

    1.0 rating

    12/1/2019Your family member must be supervised in this place or else they will suffer especially if they can not advocate for themselves.  The lack of communication between staff regarding the patients care is scary.  In order to make sure your loved one is being properly cared for you have to constantly speak up.  The staff is VERY unprofessional and like to tell you to stay over night or else your family member won't be cared for properly.  My experience there and my loved one passing away not because of the hospital but while in their care could of gotten attended to much better.  I will not recommend this place unless you as a family member is well educated in the medical field and can sit by their bedside 24 hours!  The place smells

    Jane D.

    1.0 rating

    Please if you care for your loved ones don't allow them to every step foot into this place. My dad was transferred here from Memorial West. Little did we know this would be his final resting place. The attention was horrible. He was there for a month. We had several scares... due to the lack of attention. Two days prior to his passing I spoke to the "HEAD NURSE" and told her about my concern. She assured me that my dad was constantly being monitored. When she walked me over to the nurse the was suppose to me "monitoring" the lady was on Instagram... this place doesn't care for the patients. I urge you this place is HORRIBLE... this was not a Rehab center... this place killed my father!This place is NOT a "Hospital"!!! Trust me...You won't walk out of this place alive!

    Lisa A.

    1.0 rating

    My dad was suppose to have kidney dialysis and a wound change. He received neither and ended up having congestive heart failure- He called for a nurse and no one came-Stay away!

    Beth C.

    1.0 rating

    My stepdad is dying in the ICU and my mom has been trying to get in touch with his doctor, Dr. English, for four days, and he won't bother to return her calls.  He has a DNR and they are keeping him alive, probably so they can bill the insurance company more.  No compassion whatsoever.

    Pamela M.

    1.0 rating

    My dad turned septic. Nurses did not do vitals all night. Fluids were cut off. He was severely dehydrated. Ended up going into ICU via paramedics when nurse found him unresponsive next morning. ALL  night he had respiratory distress unnoticed.My dad died two days later in ICU. Ki dred justet him lay there dying. I miss my dad so much, and the nurses faces haunt me. Room 231.

    S F.

    2.0 rating

    While some of the nurses at Kindred's rehab center have provided my father good care and while the center is relatively clean (hence the *two* stars and not one), it is horribly mismanaged.  First, I have tried -- on numerous occasions -- to call the main phone number listed on this profile and all over Google to get in touch with various people who work at Kindred.  *No one answers the phone*.  It rings and rings and rings.  One time, someone finally picked up; there was a few seconds of silent pause; then she shouted a surprised "Hello?"; before I could get a word out, she hung up.  How is this possible for a legit hospital?!?!  Second, I have repeatedly left messages for the rehab center's social worker, Denisa, who was supposed to provide a list of long-term care facilities in the area that meet my fathers needs.  That has been weeks in the making, and now she does not even return calls.  Just found out that there is website with that information readily available -- and it takes all of 2 minutes to search it to get the information I needed along.  Thanks, Denisa, for not pointing me in the right direction.  Finally, I called the CEO of the rehab facility, David Wagner, and left a voice mail requesting a call back.  Over a week has gone by -- no call.  Avoid this place at all costs.

    Tobin M.

    1.0 rating

    I won't bother leaving an explanation for my one star... the other reviews speak for themselves . READ THEM POTENTIAL PATIENTS!! When a hospital has 2 stars, that speaks for itself. Even the responses from the administration to people's concerns are "generic" all starting out the same few sentences... which is a copy/paste... even that shows lack of true concern and laziness. Place should be shut down... they keep you there as long as possible raking in the insurance $$$... it's quite evident . As o e previous reviews said, dr's and surgeons come in, say they" will look into it"...schedule you for surgery" and you don't hear back from them until you force the issue...  this hospital should be investigated with medical records pulled and see why patients are admitted for months and what is being done to justify keeping them... the answer is very little... a lot of stalling to rake in the $$$

    Rosaline W.

    1.0 rating

    Not a good place for nursing care of any kind, not even at the most basic level.  This is a place where patients are neglected and ignored or ignored and neglected.  When approached with a problem, the staff is very defensive instead of being open minded to listening to a complaint and solving the problem.  Moreover, even with friends and family advocating for the patient, asking for specific help with a specific problem, the staff takes a long, long time to render any assistance.  This is not a place where your loved ones will be treated humanely.  This is not a place where the staff cares.  This hospital is not really a hospital at all.  There are no doctors on duty 24 hours a day.   If you want your loved one to suffer and get infections and lie in feces and urine for hours, then Kindred Hospital is the place.

    Kelly S.

    1.0 rating

    I am so disgusted at this place i don't even want to give it one star.  But, i am going to give it 1 star and that star is for Dr. Robert Freedman, he is the ONLY good thing about this place. My son was in here for 6 weeks, he had to be on IV treatment...they treated him like he was a prisoner, other than being on an IV, they did nothing for him and they could not even due the IV one point his arm blew up to the size of 2 watermelons because the IV line was put in wrong...this place was horrible, please don't put you loved one there.  My son is only 25 yrs old, it was very hard for him to be in the hospital for 6 weeks, even though his illness was serious, he was feeling much better...they actually allowed him to go outside 2 times per day.  The last week he was supposed to be there he was outside and went to the store (because trying to get the staff to get you food or drink is impossible)...when he returned 20 mins later, there were 4 staff members in his room going through his things, he was told he had to leave since he left the discharge papers, nothing!!  They did not even care that he had no ride home...unfortunately, i live in Boston and could not pick him up! They left him standing on the side walk with 2 big trash bags, that is what they put his stuff in...unbelievable.  He is there for IV treatment, he is not in prison.  The staff is rude and unprofessional...i heard nursing yelling at my son on more than one occasion...they have no sympathy for their patients.  If my son gets sick again because they kicked him out early, I am prepared to sue this a matter of fact i am going to be consulting a lawyer regarding my son's stay at Kindred was that bad that i need legal advice.  So please DON'T SEND YOUR LOVED ONES HERE!!!  This is a horrible place, i don't wanted anyone to go through what my son went through.  Everyone that works here should be ashamed of themselves, expect for one person, Dr. Robert Freedman (Infectious Disease)...he was awesome and i can't thank him enough!!

    Trina Pratt

    1.0 rating

    Lav the social worker is so rude!!!! My mother is in need of rehab and she refuses to do her job and locate a rehab!! She said that there is no where for her to go to attend rehabilitation after having a stroke!!Its upsetting that she will argue back and forth with a patient's family member because they want what' best for their loved one. This hospital gave her candida auras. Now no one wants to deal with her! They will not cure it!! The social worker stated that they test ever 6 months for the infection what sense does that make? This is ridiculous! The rehab offered at kindred is not consistent they come whoever! I hate it there! I wish there was a place that cared more for my mom!!Josephine the nurse is very rude I come to see my mother and the door is open while she’s changing her she’s telling me to close the door. I don’t want to touch anything there it’s filthy.. My mom has been there for months they are trying to send her home without rehab after a stroke. I hate this place

    Annette R.

    1.0 rating

    I only gave 1 Star as to warn everyone that this place does not have an emergency room nor does it employ Doctors. They exploit families because they can due to the Wrongful Death Act. If your parent is a widow or widower and you are over 25 yrs. old they will neglect your parent so they can add to the bill and now so they may keep them in their nursing home and get their monthly check. Dr. Stern was so rude no manners or compassion. Dr. Veciioso knew my Mother had an infection and denied it causing her death. When I told him he said what can I say. The nurse Joan denied putting the blood pressure band on my Moms so tight it made my  Moms arm do red and round not loosen it even when my Mom was trying to tell me it hurt. In ICU they watch sports games by stretching out ten TV's they stretch out facing nurses station as they braid one another's hair. They lie in bills and are incompetent not an acute care place to wean off a feeding leg or trache. Everyone told me after my Mom died due to this idiot Doctor not returning my Mom to Memorial Hospital in time. The physical therapist Grace is a danger she was grabbing my Moms hair blasting music and screaming at her until I arrived. You should put a spy camera in the room these people are a danger and should be charged with murder.

    Della I.

    1.0 rating

    My very close friend that is 87 years old supposedly went in for 2 days to treat an infection.  That was almost 7 weeks ago.  They have her hooked on Tramadol and although she has been wheelchair bound for 7 years they said they are keeping her until she walks out the door.  That means she will never come out alive and if she does she will never be the same again.  We can barely understand her anymore and they take her to 2 physical therapies a day and she is absolutely in agony.  Before she went in she spoke to well, was happy and although she could not walk without a walker and could only stand for a few minutes she at least knew who she was.  She barely talks anymore and when she does she slurs her words and is very disoriented.  DO NOT TAKE YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS THERE!  They are milking her medicare until it is exhausted and if she lives long enough they will send her home, addicted to drugs and completely delusional.  I have contacted Legal Aid to see if an investigation can be opened as this is abuse of the elderly

    Wayne/mavoy Lindsay

    5.0 rating

    I want to say a big thank you to the staff at kindred Health Hollywood Florida. I was transferred to Kindred health and was admitted there for a month. When I was transferred to Kindred I could not breathon my own and had a trek in, I also could not move from my neck down. The medical team at Kindred worked on me and at the time of my discharge I was able to walk and breath on my own.The medical Team showed me such compassion, and empathy. That being said I would like to say a special thank you to the below individualsDr. Allaf (my Pulmonary doctor),ARNP An (my Pulmonary doctor)these two doctors visited me everyday especially ARNP An, she listened to my concerns, whether they were good or bad.PA Tiffany KimberDirector of Nursing HyacinthNurse Manager Shirley (Thank you Shirley for all your kind words of encouragement and for always ensuring that I was ok, Thank you for listening)Nurse Manager MoeNurse Manager Camacho (night shift)Maggie (RN)Katherine Spaghettis (RN)(Thank you for always talking to me and keeping my spirits up i really looked forward to our conversations whenever you were on shift )Luis (RN) (night shift Luis ensured that my wound was dressed even when I gave him a hard time and even when he was not assigned to me he would check in on me and sometimes dress my wound. Luis you are amazing thank you)Bowlyne (RN)Jamie (RN)Femme (RN)Jun (RN)and the entire nursing Team on 3rd floor and 2nd floorThe respitory TeamDirector FrankManager Joseph (Big Joe)LuisJosephI know I am forgetting some incredible individuals, so to the entire respitory team thank youCNA's Thank youJean (Night Shift)Jordon (Night Shift)Glory (Night Shift)Noel (Day Shift)Cassandra (Day Shift)SimoneBrittanyKatherineEugeneTo the dream team, the miracle working team Physical therapyDirector Andrea (I never forget the day I was feel so low and you sent for me and I refuse, you sent Angela back for me and said to tell me that it is the last day of the week I must come today, just the fact that you believed in me gave me the strength that day)Grace (Grace you are amazing you literally willed me to walk and to move my body, You believed in me before I started to believe in myself there is not enough words to thank you)Lisa (Lisa you are amazing for your patients with me on that eazy lift machine lol)EarthaAngelaNicoleMaria Occupational Therapist (You worked with me everyday with my ADL's and encouraged me everyday and thank you)I am eternally grateful to the physical therapy team (I call them the dream team) and to all medical staff at Kindred health,Thank you.Mavoy.

    kim lumpkin

    4.0 rating

    Kindred took very good care of my dad, and the nurses and other staff members are very helpful. Highly recommend!

    Kerry Willams

    1.0 rating

    They are bad. Alway busy and don't do any work. They kill my mom in only one week.

    Raquel Blanco

    5.0 rating


    1.0 rating

    The CNA'S ,THEY LEAVE THE PATIENTS IN THERE URINE FESES THEN ON TOP OF THAT THEY SAID I JUST CLEAN THEM SO TELL ME IF YOU JUST CLEAN THEM WHY IS URINE ALL IN THE SHEETS only time patient get change is when a family member comes and complain, SO PLEASE HELP ME UNDER STAND THAT. IT CAN BE THERE FAMILY MEMBER I THINK THATS SAD.Then when explain to upper management they are ready to get rid of the patient. So upper management does not care,

    Mili Alvarez

    1.0 rating

    No lo recomiendo cuando su ser querido aún no está estable, para recuperación puede ser pero no para cuidar, las enfermeras no estaban pendientes , no lo recomiendo

    sugey hernandez

    5.0 rating

    El trabajo de las terapistas físico y ocupacional es excelentes. Mi esposo llegó a este hospital después de haber sido entubado y haberle hecho traqueotomia y tubo gástrico para alimentarlo. La movilidad era casi nula. Andrea, Lisa, Grace, Ángela, Maria y todo el equipo trabajan con el corazón y ayudan mucho a sus pacientes. La terapia respiratoria también es muy buena. Estamos agradecidos con el personal del hospital por la recuperación de mi esposo.

    Ronel Antelo

    5.0 rating

    Grace @ PT is AMAZING! She is not only a great therapist, but an amazing human being. She is so kind and caring to all the patients. Grace is God sent to all her patient.Maria @ OT is also exceptional. She is truly an AMAZING therapist as well and is also very caring.

    Crashonna Robinson

    1.0 rating

    If you have to bring your love one here, RUN. Take them somewhere else. I wish I would’ve moved mines in time. Nurses are rude, some of them at least. I hate myself for not moving my mom, all they did was make excuses. They lied to me, they will lie to you. You only hear from the dr when it’s something negative. From experience, RUN and don’t look back. I should’ve listened to the reviews, these reviews are very much accurate. This hospital is TRASH. I am so sorry. Some staffs are kind, but it’s only a handful of those. They never called me when my mom went into cardiac arrest, IMAGINE THAT!!!! At then end of the day, it’s your choice… but make the right choice, you’ve been warned.

    Artis Warthen

    5.0 rating

    It is with great pleasure that I write this review acknowledging the the great care that was provided to me during my 2 week stay at this Kindred Facility.. I was transferred from Memorial Pembroke to undergo rehab and further management of my condition. I would recommend this facility and truly believe that you can trust your family members to get the best care possible. Special acknowledgement is directed to the wonderful Nurses who cared for me during my stay in keeping up with my meds, to the Physical Therapy Dept and there commitment and push to getting me back on my feet and moving, and to the Hard working PSA’s who are my real MVP in providing me with that warm positive & reassuring attitude as well always attending to the many requests as needed. Special Kudos to Mr Frank Gomez Director of Respiratory whom I met on my first day..and to PSA Etima, Grace and Ms Lisa in PT…A Very Very Special thank you and Appreciation to Ms.Roberta CEO

    Wilner Gila

    5.0 rating

    Great staff very helpful and friendly especially the nurses that was assigned to me.I want thank everyone at kindred for saving my life I wouldn’t be here today if wasn’t for the staff I want to say thank you, thank you thank you so much from the bottom of my heart

    rosita rodriguez

    1.0 rating

    Pesimo No antienden al teléfono hace dias estoy tratando de que envíen resumen De mi prima al seguro medico no lo hacen la persona encargada de esto no trabaja llaman y te dicen que no esta Talves con telemundo se resuelve la situación de este hospital terrible

    Maria Renee Davila

    1.0 rating

    After reading the reviews seems like the main problem is the lack of follow up by the nurses with the family of the patients. My brother is at this facility in a critical condition and so far I'm having a bad experience and concerns about the quality of the service.

    Jeff Lowe

    2.0 rating

    No one returns your calls. The place was not clean. I would never let any family or friends go there.

    Celia Hollis

    5.0 rating

    The Holfelder family and I can’t thank your entire staff for the care you have given Kenny. May God bless you all

    Maryjane Martin

    1.0 rating

    An awful place.

    Robert Geritano

    5.0 rating

    Dr. Robert Freedman

    5.0 rating

    It is with the utmost pleasure that I write this post for kindred Hospital. My father was transferred here from an acute care facility to undergo rehab and further management of his condition. From the physicians who took care of him, Dr. English, to the nurses, to the outstanding physical therapist, Grace, he remarkably improved and was walking, which we never thought he would do again. Each day, the CEO, the director of quality assurance, and the Director of nurses would approach me and ask me how my father was doing. It was such a warm and loving environment. If five stars is the most I can give, I would give 20. I give this facility the highest recommendation and believe that you can trust your family members to get the best care possible.

    Cory Mcknight

    4.0 rating

    My family and I are happy with the care my family member has received at Kindred Hollywood so far. We’ve had many interactions with healthcare personnel over the years. We are surprised and thankful for the access to doctors and department heads. Kindred Staff answers our questions and RESPOND TO MESSAGES AND VOICEMAILS. It’s only been a few weeks however there are already some staff standouts. The nursing supervisor Mo said we could call her cell if the team were attending to patients, and no one was at the desk. Some of the other caring nurses and CNAs that provide updates and respond to my requests (everyday) are Unique, Malcolm, Melissa, Muriel, Estine, and Kim.One of the reasons we chose Kindred is the reputation of their physical therapy. They are professionals with the right temperament to motivate and work with patients. Thanks to Andrea, Eartha, Ralphie, Lupi, Nicole, Kettly. We’ve already seen improvement in my family member’s mobility and outlook.We like the weekly interdisciplinary team meeting (IDT). The medical team physically go to each room and speak with families. As opposed to only reading each other’s notes. Staff advocate and plans for discharge.Choosing a healthcare facility for a loved one is a big decision. We hope our experience can help someone else. I’ll write another review after my family member is discharged.

    Health and Fire Safety Deficiencies

    The Center for Medicare and Medicaid report report health and fire safety deficiencies. Some of these deficiencies are more severe than others. The following table shows different levels of severity.

    Severity of Deficiency Isolated Pattern Widespread
    Immediate jeopardy to resident health or safety J K L
    Actual harm that is not immediate jeopardy G H I
    No actual harm with potential for more than minimal harm that is not immediate jeopardy D E F
    No actual harm with potential for minimal harm A B C

    Fire Safety Deficiencies

    Survey Date Correction Date Letter Category Description
    2022-06-08 2022-06-29 D Egress Deficiencies Provide exit doors that are held open by devices that will automatically close on the activation of a fire alarm or smoke detector.
    2022-06-08 2022-06-15 D Smoke Deficiencies Inspect, test, and maintain automatic sprinkler systems.
    2022-06-08 2022-06-09 D Smoke Deficiencies Ensure smoke barriers are constructed to a 1 hour fire resistance rating.
    2021-04-20 2021-05-30 D Emergency Preparedness Deficiencies Create arrangements with other facilities to receive patients.
    2021-04-20 2021-05-30 D Emergency Preparedness Deficiencies Establish staff and initial training requirements.
    2021-04-20 2021-05-30 D Smoke Deficiencies Have properly installed hallway dispensers for alcohol-based hand rub.
    2019-08-01 2019-08-28 F Emergency Preparedness Deficiencies Address subsistence needs for staff and patients.
    2019-08-01 2019-08-28 F Emergency Preparedness Deficiencies Provide emergency officials' contact information.
    2019-08-01 2019-08-28 F Gas, Vacuum, and Electrical Systems Deficiencies Have proper medical gas storage and administration areas.

    Health Safety Deficiencies

    Survey Date Correction Date Letter Category Description
    2022-10-18 D D Quality of Life and Care Deficiencies Ensure that a nursing home area is free from accident hazards and provides adequate supervision to prevent accidents.
    2022-05-19 D D Resident Rights Deficiencies Honor the resident's right to a dignified existence, self-determination, communication, and to exercise his or her rights.
    2022-05-19 E E Resident Rights Deficiencies Honor the resident's right to a safe, clean, comfortable and homelike environment, including but not limited to receiving treatment and supports for daily living safely.
    2022-05-19 D D Quality of Life and Care Deficiencies Ensure residents do not lose the ability to perform activities of daily living unless there is a medical reason.
    2022-05-19 D D Pharmacy Service Deficiencies Ensure drugs and biologicals used in the facility are labeled in accordance with currently accepted professional principles; and all drugs and biologicals must be stored in locked compartments, separately locked, compartments for controlled drugs.
    2022-05-19 F F Nutrition and Dietary Deficiencies Procure food from sources approved or considered satisfactory and store, prepare, distribute and serve food in accordance with professional standards.
    2022-05-19 F F Nutrition and Dietary Deficiencies Dispose of garbage and refuse properly.
    2022-05-19 D D Environmental Deficiencies Have enough outside ventilation via a window or mechanical ventilation, or both.
    2022-05-19 D D Environmental Deficiencies Put firmly secured handrails on each side of hallways.
    2021-04-22 D D Resident Assessment and Care Planning Deficiencies Create and put into place a plan for meeting the resident's most immediate needs within 48 hours of being admitted
    2021-04-22 D D Quality of Life and Care Deficiencies Provide care and assistance to perform activities of daily living for any resident who is unable.
    2021-04-22 D D Quality of Life and Care Deficiencies Provide appropriate pressure ulcer care and prevent new ulcers from developing.
    2021-04-22 D D Quality of Life and Care Deficiencies Provide appropriate care for residents who are continent or incontinent of bowel/bladder, appropriate catheter care, and appropriate care to prevent urinary tract infections.
    2021-04-22 D D Quality of Life and Care Deficiencies Provide enough food/fluids to maintain a resident's health.
    2021-04-22 D D Quality of Life and Care Deficiencies Ensure that feeding tubes are not used unless there is a medical reason and the resident agrees; and provide appropriate care for a resident with a feeding tube.
    2021-04-22 D D Nutrition and Dietary Deficiencies Procure food from sources approved or considered satisfactory and store, prepare, distribute and serve food in accordance with professional standards.
    2021-04-22 D D Infection Control Deficiencies Develop and implement policies and procedures for flu and pneumonia vaccinations.
    2019-08-01 E E Resident Rights Deficiencies Honor the resident's right to a safe, clean, comfortable and homelike environment, including but not limited to receiving treatment and supports for daily living safely.
    2019-08-01 D D Quality of Life and Care Deficiencies Provide appropriate care for residents who are continent or incontinent of bowel/bladder, appropriate catheter care, and appropriate care to prevent urinary tract infections.
    2019-08-01 D D Quality of Life and Care Deficiencies Provide safe and appropriate respiratory care for a resident when needed.
    2019-08-01 D D Pharmacy Service Deficiencies Provide pharmaceutical services to meet the needs of each resident and employ or obtain the services of a licensed pharmacist.
    2019-08-01 D D Pharmacy Service Deficiencies Ensure medication error rates are not 5 percent or greater.
    2019-08-01 D D Infection Control Deficiencies Provide and implement an infection prevention and control program.

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