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Issaquah Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

805 Front Street, Issaquah, WA 98027

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Nursing Home, Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation

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Issaquah Nursing And Rehabilitation Center Description

Nestled near downtown Issaquah, the tranquil setting of Issaquah Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is embraced by a canopy of trees. At our residence, we provide comprehensive care in a warm and neighborly atmosphere. Issaquah Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is tucked away in a peaceful landscape of lush greenery, just steps from the heart of downtown Issaquah. At our facility, we strive to provide a comforting and communal atmosphere for those under our care; an integrated approach towards wellbeing.

Our dedicated rehabilitation team is devoted to providing superior quality care for our residents. Patients gain autonomy through tailored programs, allowing them to realize their aspirations of greater independence. Families of patients are strongly encouraged to join in on therapy sessions, as their presence can be immensely beneficial.

Skilled Nursing
At our facility, we offer 24-hour expert care and rehabilitation services in an inviting atmosphere that's as cozy as home. Our medical team of Doctors and Nurse Practitioners are available to serve you five days a week at our state-of-the-art facility.

Price Comparison

  • Estimated Facility Price: $6,910
  • Average City Price: $7,389
  • Average State Price: $7,389
  • Average National Price: $7,090
  • Ranking

  • Ranking in City: 6 out of 8 communities in Issaquah
  • Ranking in State: 453 out of 559 communities in WA
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    Skilled Nursing Services and Amenities
    The Issaquah Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provides an extensive array of skilled nursing services and amenities, including cardiac care, orthopedic rehabilitation, stroke recovery, IV therapy, dementia care, wound care, enteral feeding programs, catheter care, colostomy care, off-site dialysis, ileostomy care, nutrition and hydration programs, medication management and education, diabetic management and education, restorative nursing, pain management and hospice programs. All of these services are offered with the highest standard of quality and care.


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    end of life care

    occupational therapy

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    hip surgery

    rehabilitation services

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    skilled nursing


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    Information from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

    This nursing community has been given an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid receiving 4 stars on its health inspection, 5 stars on its quality measures rating, and 1 stars on its staffing rating. Within the quality measure rating, each facility is given a short-stay rating and a long-stay rating. This facility received a 5-star short-stay rating and a 4-star long-stay rating. This nursing home is certified by Medicare and Medicaid and was first approved to provide Medicare and Medicaid services on 01/01/67 and is run by a for profit organization. It is a large-sized nursing community with 140 nursing beds. Currently, there are 82 residents within the nursing community. Be advised these resident occupancy numbers are not always up to date and are collected from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services website periodically.

    Alerts from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

    This facility has been given 3 fines by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for a total of $46,012.50. The facility has also had 2 substantiated complaints reported in the last 3 years that resulted in a citation. The facility has had 6 facility incidents reported in the last 3 years that resulted in a citation.

    Overall Ratings

    The Avamere Rehabilitation of Issaquah is a distinguished nursing home with remarkable ratings. It boasts a 4-star overall rating, which is the second highest achievable and places it in the top 30% of all facilities in terms of this rating. Intriguingly, this overall rating surpasses the state average. In addition, the Avamere Rehabilitation of Issaquah is applauded for its 4-star health inspection rating, an accomplishment that also positions it within the top 30% of facilities. This rating notably exceeds the state average as well. What sets this nursing home apart is the 5-star quality rating, the best attainable score. This achievement sets the facility within the elite top 20% of all homes in terms of quality rating, which is, once again, higher than the state average.

    Staff Ratings

    Avamere Rehabilitation Of Issaquah is a nursing home that unfortunately falls short in many areas, particularly staffing. Its staff rating is a mere 1 star, the lowest possible score, which suggests significant shortcomings with the quality of their workforce. The nursing home also has less nursing aid staffing hours per resident per day (1.78) compared to the statewide average (2.53), putting it in the bottom 20% of facilities. This unfortunate trend continues with their LPN staffing hours per resident per day at 0.69 (below the state's 0.82) and their RN staffing hours per resident per day at 0.36 (below the state's 0.89), placing them in the bottom 30% for both categories. They also drop to the lowest 10% when it comes to licensed staffing hours per resident per day with just 1.04 hours, which is less than the state's average of 1.71. Lastly, with a physical therapist staffing hours per resident per day of 0.03, less than the state's 0.09, they are in the bottom 40% of facilities. Understanding these figures provides a clear picture of the challenges facing Avamere Rehabilitation Of Issaquah in staffing.

    Covid Data

    The Avamere Rehabilitation Of Issaquah nursing home stands head and shoulders above many other facilities in terms of vaccination rates. The nursing home boasts a resident vaccination rate of 81.1% - a figure that significantly surpasses the state average of 61.0%. Its impressive vaccination rate indicates that the facility is in the top 30% of nursing homes statewide. This commitment to health extends to its employees as well, as the staff at the Avamere Rehabilitation Of Issaquah also have a higher vaccination rate than the state average. With 30.4% of its staff up-to-date with the latest vaccinations compared to the state's 28.6%, the nursing home also ranks in the top 30% of facilities in this aspect.

    Quality Measures

    The Avamere Rehabilitation of Issaquah is a highly rated nursing home, boasting a top-tier 5-star quality measure rating. In terms of certain health parameters, it falls below average; it sits in the bottom half of facilities for the percentage of residents with a catheter inserted and left in their bladder, sitting at 1.26%, less than the state average of 1.97%. Notably, the establishment finds itself in the lower 10% related to the percentage of residents who display depressive symptoms, with a striking 92.69% rate, significantly higher than the state's 12.88%. Vaccine administration rates are moderately high, with pneumococcal and flu vaccines administered at rates of 96.7% and 96.19%, respectively. While these percentages fall in the lower half or quartile of all facilities, they remain above the state averages of 95.06% for the pneumococcal vaccine and 94.73% for the influenza vaccine. Encouragingly, in terms of ulcer incidents amongst residents, the nursing home is in the top 30% of facilities, displaying a lower incidence rate of 4.76%, as compared to the state average of 6.89%.

    Emergency and Hospitalization Quality Measures

    Avamere Rehabilitation of Issaquah nursing home boasts some impressive statistics amongst facilities. It ranks in the upper 40% in terms of hospitalizations per 1000 days, with a rate of 1.38, notably higher than the state's average of 1.1. Additionally, the home excels in maintaining low outpatient emergency department visits per 1000 days, with a rate of 0.81, falling below the state's average of 0.9. This performance gains them a position in the top 40% of facilities. When considering short-stay residents who had outpatient emergency department visits, Avamere has a percentage of 8.93, also lower than the state's figure of 12.09, earning it a notable spot in the top 40% of facilities. The facility's commitment to quality patient care is further exemplified by its rank in the top 30% for the percentage of short-stay residents who were rehospitalized after a nursing home admission, with a rate of 18.05, outpacing the state's average of 16.8.

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    Things to do in the Area

    None Found


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  • High Temperature: 71°F
  • Low Temperature: 39°F
  • Average Temperature: 54.3°F
  • Day Breakdown: 172 days of rain, 10 days of snow and 182 days of sun
  • Precipitation: 1.6 inches a year
  • Google map of Issaquah Nursing And Rehabilitation Center


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    General Staff Rating
    Based on 5 total reviews
    Care Staff Rating
    Based on 10 total reviews
    Food Staff Rating
    Based on 2 total reviews
    Cleanliness Rating
    Based on 1 total reviews
    Activities and Services Rating
    Based on 1 total reviews
    Concise Advertising

    4.0 rating

    Seems like they are busy with the covid rehab patients. If you need anything you have to call. Mealtime is a bad time to call as all staff help. Did take good care of my mom and she is doing much better now.Thanks to the team here at Issaquah rehab.

    Pam Trafton

    5.0 rating


    1.0 rating

    Went to visit my grandfather. His bed was filled with urine and was left there to sit in. It was heartbreaking to see. It also took 25 minutes before a staff could give me any attention. It wasn’t a ‘priority.’ The place in general is very run down and is so old. Hallways are cluttered with chairs and it smells really bad there too. Please look at the other recent reviews. DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES HERE.

    Simran Singh

    5.0 rating

    Cynthia Parker

    1.0 rating

    I went to visit my mom and I found her alone in front of the TV late at night. My mom was half way out of her wheel chair crying for help. My mom fell out of her wheel chair once before on their watch. I just couldn't believe that it almost happend again. We are looking for another place to place my mom. I just wanted to share to others if your thinking about placing a loved one under this places care, I advise you to look elsewhere. It broke my heart to find my mom crying and yelling for help. Who knows what would have happened if I didn't come visit her that night.

    Linda Stubenrauch

    5.0 rating

    Going to have surgery this summer and am looking forward to the great care I got the last time I was lucky enough to to have my rehab here. Great people medical staff and PT persons always cheerful, kind and most of all thoughtful ,for a person of my age it is so comforting. I found the decor to be fresh and soothing,and the food was so good. Nice place to recover and heal.

    Sarah Guth

    1.0 rating

    The physical facilities are like what you would expect from an insane asylum from the 1920s: peeling paint, screaming patients, halls lined with wheelchairs and neglected patients. Understaffed and staff is overworked. The food is like prison food and, even though we filled out dietary requests, these were never honored. My grandma was treated like a prisoner. There was only one PT and 3 CNAs out of the entire staff that treated her with dignity over the 10 wks she was there. Her family lived it of town, so calls had to be made to the director, Sam. He would verbally acknowledge our requests, but 80% if the time, there was no follow-through. Once my grandma became ambulatory and wanted to go home, they were cruel to her and completely ignored her until she basically discharged herself.DO NOT send your loved ones here.

    Lexine Hadfield

    5.0 rating

    Care Jackson

    1.0 rating

    Bad rehab.. run by a CNA named Sam. It's a bad rehab. Go to the Bellevue's a great one.

    Gregory Guyman

    5.0 rating

    When I toured Issaquah Rehab I was told that they have a full-time Nurse Practioner in addition to their Doctor coverage. Being a Doctor myself, I was impressed by this extra layer of healthcare. The facility my Mother was in earlier did not have this level of care. If I or my Mother ever need a Nursing & Rehab facility again we will choose Issaquah Rehab.

    Doc Diner

    5.0 rating

    Lynnette greeted us and gave a wonderful tour of all the services Issaquah Nursing offers. She was lovely and personable, answered all our questions and made us feel like welcomed guests. The facility is extremely clean and well maintained. Everyone I spoke with takes pride on the level of care they deliver. They earned my business.

    Camron Barth

    1.0 rating

    For some reason this has my son's name. I've been trying to reach a friend there and wish them happy birthday. The first call they had to transfer to "the other side" which they did, that person then put me into a room where a man answered, I was calling for a woman. So I had to call back, I called back three times and they hung the phone up rather than answering it. Then on my fourth try, someone answered and she was trying to get me transferred to "the other side" then hung up on me. I finally reached someone willing to work. What concerns me is if the workers are willing to hang up on people calling rather than follow through helping them, how are they treating those in their care?

    lhubnnem uploades zi channel nagny secrit

    1.0 rating

    Holly Blazier

    1.0 rating

    If you have a voice, are fully aware and are in here for simple rehab then you will be just fine. Do not leave a disabled family member alone in this facility especially if they cannot speak for themselves. My father did great there. We had to remove my brain damaged mother from this facility. We put her here twice. It went bad both times. I am in healthcare myself. Be very diligent and be your family member's advocate. They need you...

    Lori Hooper

    4.0 rating

    Darian Krueger

    5.0 rating

    Patricia Waldo

    4.0 rating

    I'm here now doing rehab after cervical spine surgery. What do I think so far? (I'll update as I'm leaving. ). The people are wonderful. I've never seen such a caring and talented group.

    Nicole Fitch

    5.0 rating

    Was there after complete knee surgery. Had great experience, excellent care, cheerful staff and walked out after 2 weeks with only the aid of a cane. I was in better shape coming out physically then when I went in. I would revommend this place to everyone. Thanks to all the personal there.

    Health and Fire Safety Deficiencies

    The Center for Medicare and Medicaid report report health and fire safety deficiencies. Some of these deficiencies are more severe than others. The following table shows different levels of severity.

    Severity of Deficiency Isolated Pattern Widespread
    Immediate jeopardy to resident health or safety J K L
    Actual harm that is not immediate jeopardy G H I
    No actual harm with potential for more than minimal harm that is not immediate jeopardy D E F
    No actual harm with potential for minimal harm A B C

    Fire Safety Deficiencies

    Survey Date Correction Date Letter Category Description
    2022-10-06 2022-10-07 D Smoke Deficiencies Install corridor and hallway doors that block smoke.
    2020-02-20 2020-03-13 E Smoke Deficiencies Install corridor and hallway doors that block smoke.
    2020-02-20 2020-03-13 D Gas, Vacuum, and Electrical Systems Deficiencies Ensure proper usage of power strips and extension cords.
    2018-11-07 2018-12-11 F Egress Deficiencies Provide exit doors that are held open by devices that will automatically close on the activation of a fire alarm or smoke detector.
    2018-11-07 2018-12-11 D Smoke Deficiencies Inspect, test, and maintain automatic sprinkler systems.
    2018-11-07 2018-12-11 E Smoke Deficiencies Ensure smoke barriers are constructed to a 1 hour fire resistance rating.
    2018-11-07 2018-12-11 E Services Deficiencies Have properly installed electrical wiring and gas equipment.
    2018-11-07 2018-12-11 E Miscellaneous Deficiencies Have posted "No-smoking" signs in areas where smoking is not permitted or ashtrays provided where smoking was allowed.
    2018-11-07 2018-12-11 F Gas, Vacuum, and Electrical Systems Deficiencies Ensure proper usage of power strips and extension cords.
    2018-11-07 2018-12-11 D Gas, Vacuum, and Electrical Systems Deficiencies Have proper medical gas storage and administration areas.

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