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Manorcare Health Services-Sunnyvale

1150 Tilton Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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Independent Living, Nursing Home, Respite, Rehabilitation

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Manorcare Health Services-Sunnyvale Description

Nestled in the heart of Sunnyvale, CA on Tilton Drive is ManorCare - a place where individuals can receive personalized post-hospital skilled nursing care surrounded by a cozy atmosphere. Our expert clinical and therapy teams are devoted to providing personalized care tailored specifically to your needs, interests, and abilities. This dedication leads to a more effortless and secure recovery journey. Nestled on Tilton Drive in Sunnyvale, CA, ManorCare offers personalized post-hospital skilled nursing care with a homey atmosphere. Our experienced clinical and therapy teams specialize in crafting individualized care tailored to your needs, interests and capabilities.

If you require post-discharge rehabilitation services, our certified therapists are here to assist! You will relish the security of working with a dependable therapist, consistent care and ongoing companionship of your familiar peers at our center.

Fueling your body with nourishing foods is key to bouncing back. Our team diligently crafts nutritious meals that can be tailored to fit a variety of dietary requirements. We offer a variety of healthful options, including reduced-fat, low-calorie choices with high fiber and minimal sodium. If you're in need of a nibble, snacks and alternative meals are here to satisfy!

Price Comparison

  • Estimated Facility Price: $4,127
  • Average City Price: $3,366
  • Average State Price: $3,366
  • Average National Price: $3,394
  • Ranking

  • Ranking in City: 11 out of 11 communities in Sunnyvale
  • Ranking in State: 2232 out of 2657 communities in CA
  • Parent Organization

    Manorcare Health Services-Sunnyvale is a member of a larger group of communities called HCR ManorCare

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    Manorcare Health Services-Sunnyvale offers its guests and residents a variety of amenities. All rooms are either private or semi-private, and include TVs and internet access. There are lounges and activity areas for socializing, as well as full-service dining options. Each guest/resident has their own phone for personal use. Housekeeping and laundry services are available, as well as linen service.




    outpatient rehabilitation

    health services

    skilled nursing care

    home health care

    hospice care

    specialized care

    palliative care

    long-term care

    social worker

    nursing staff

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    Employee Reviews for HCR ManorCare in Sunnyvale, California

    2.2 out of 5 stars. Based on 5 reviews

    Employees at HCR ManorCare in the Sunnyvale, CA area report that the corporate office does not care about line employees, and is overall interested in the bottom line. Management does not work with employees, and coworkers are reluctant to help. Raises are maximum 2% every year if you have perfect performance, and benefits do not cover a full year of contacts lenses. Employees feel alienated because they don't speak the language of the majority of their coworkers, and are given the scraps that they don't want. Management plays favoritism and it almost seems like a family business giving preference to their close friends. Employees only get a 30 minute break, and are often called away from their break by nurses. Advice to Management: Take better care of your employees sooner, make them feel appreciated, and you’ll have less turn over in positions like CNA’s, Nurses and Social Services. When night shift asks to switch to days when a position opens, don't deny them because "it's too hard to replace night shift employees." If you want less turnover, you need to provide better benefits and raises. Give employees more than a 30 minute break, and allow them to take their break without interruption.

    Employee Reviews for HCR ManorCare

    2.87 out of 5 stars. Based on 878 reviews

    HCR ManorCare is a company that has mixed reviews from employees. Many employees appreciate the nice staff, flexible scheduling, and opportunities for advancement. However, there are some complaints about low pay, lack of benefits, and micromanagement. Employees also mention that there is a lack of communication from corporate, and the pay is not competitive with other companies in the area. They also suggest that the company should improve their onboarding process, provide more training opportunities, and listen to their employees' concerns.

    Information from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

    This nursing community has been given an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid receiving 2 stars on its health inspection, 5 stars on its quality measures rating, and 5 stars on its staffing rating. Within the quality measure rating, each facility is given a short-stay rating and a long-stay rating. This facility received a 5-star short-stay rating and a 5-star long-stay rating. This nursing home is certified by Medicare and Medicaid and was first approved to provide Medicare and Medicaid services on 01/03/91 and is run by a for profit organization. It is a large-sized nursing community with 140 nursing beds. Currently, there are 102 residents within the nursing community. Be advised these resident occupancy numbers are not always up to date and are collected from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services website periodically.

    Alerts from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

    The facility has also had 3 substantiated complaints reported in the last 3 years that resulted in a citation. The facility has had 2 facility incidents reported in the last 3 years that resulted in a citation.

    Overall Ratings

    Manorcare Health Services (Sunnyvale) is a distinguished nursing home, boasting a commendable 4-star overall rating, the second highest achievable grade. This puts it in the top tier of care facilities, ranking in the upper 30% locally. Its performance notably exceeds the average across the state. However, on the downside, the healthcare facility only scored a 2-star rating during a health inspection, marking it as the second lowest. This places it in the lower 40% of nursing homes as per health inspection standards and unfortunately, it trails behind the state average in this respect. Yet, Manorcare Health Services (Sunnyvale) has spearheaded its presence in terms of quality, securing the highest possible 5-star quality rating. This crowns it within the best 20% of facilities, and it proudly surpasses the state's average quality rating.

    Staff Ratings

    Manorcare Health Services, located in Sunnyvale, takes pride in its top-notch quality of care. It proudly boasts a 5-star staff rating, the best possible rating achievable, underlining its commitment to providing superlative patient care. When it comes to nursing aid staffing hours, Manorcare sits comfortably within the top 30% of facilities, granting 2.49 hours per resident each day - just slightly below the state standard of 2.51 hours. LPN staffing hours sit at 0.83 hours per resident each day, placing it somewhat lower on the spectrum among facilities within the state, whose average is 1.21 hours. However, Manorcare shines in other categories, scoring in the top 20% of facilities for RN, licensed, and physical therapist staffing hours. Their RN staffing hours per resident each day is 0.98, surpassing the state's average of 0.57 hours. Additionally, Manorcare offers 1.82 licensed staffing hours per resident each day (greater than the state's 1.78 hours), and 0.11 physical therapist staffing hours per resident each day, outpacing the state's 0.09 hours. These figures highlight Manorcare's dedication to providing quality aid to its residents.

    Covid Data

    Manorcare Health Services located in Sunnyvale faces some challenges regarding its vaccination rates. The facility is found to be lagging, falling into the lower half of nursing homes, when it comes to ensuring its residents are up to date with the latest vaccinations. The rate currently stands at 65.3%, slightly lower than the state average of 68.7%. Unfortunately, the issue is more severe regarding the staff's vaccination status. Manorcare Health Services (Sunnyvale) is in the bottom 30% among facilities in this aspect. The latest data shows only 7.8% of staff are up to date with their vaccinations, a figure markedly lower than the state average, which is 45.8%.

    Quality Measures

    Manorcare Health Services in Sunnyvale is recognized for its outstanding performance in various key health metrics. This nursing home has achieved a 5-star quality measure rating, exemplifying the highest level of care. In terms of resident safety, the facility boasts a 0.0 percentage of residents with a catheter inserted and left in their bladder, outperforming the state's own percentage of 1.66. This accomplishment places Manorcare Health Services in the top 20% of facilities for this metric. In addition, the nursing home is a leader in mental health care, with 11.67% of their residents receiving antipsychotic medication, surpassing the state average of 10.27%, landing it in the top 50% of facilities. Manorcare Health Services also proactively promotes overall wellbeing by ensuring that 100% of their residents receive their flu vaccines, making them a part of the top 20% of facilities for this healthcare measure, outdoing the state's percentage of 98.24. However, there is room for improvement as the nursing home finds itself in the bottom 10% of facilities for the percentage of residents that have experienced one or more falls with a major injury at 7.64%, a number significantly higher than the state's 1.78%.

    Emergency and Hospitalization Quality Measures

    Manorcare Health Services (Sunnyvale) nursing home boasts impressive statistics in various healthcare sectors, ranking it in the top 40% of similar facilities. For instance, its rate of hospitalizations per 1,000 days is lower than the state average at 1.47, against a statewide 1.89. Furthermore, with outpatient emergency department visits per 1,000 days standing at 0.72 compared to the state's 0.92, the facility takes a spot in the top 40% of nursing homes in that category as well. The Manorcare nursing home also falls in the top half of facilities when it comes to the percentage of short-stay residents having outpatient emergency department visits, with their percentage standing at 10.82 against the state's average of 11.22. Additionally, the facility holds a top 40% ranking for the percentage of short stay residents who were rehospitalized after a nursing home admission, with a rate of 19.88 compared to the state's 22.01. Overall, Manorcare Health Services (Sunnyvale) consistently delivers superior care to its residents.

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  • High Temperature: 77°F
  • Low Temperature: 55°F
  • Average Temperature: 66.6°F
  • Day Breakdown: 60 days of rain and 304 days of sun
  • Precipitation: 0.3 inches a year
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    General Staff Rating
    Based on 15 total reviews
    Care Staff Rating
    Based on 31 total reviews
    Food Staff Rating
    Based on 7 total reviews
    Cleanliness Rating
    Based on 6 total reviews
    Activities and Services Rating
    Based on 1 total reviews
    Gijsbert Bastiaan Broekman

    5.0 rating

    I came to this place after pretty serious injury the people in here are very nice they took very good care of me the food is pretty good too make sure that fill out your preferences when it comes to the menu they bring it by once a week I have been here for almost 3 weeks now I want to go home but only on our side I don't want to go home the occupational therapy and physical therapy is very good also I would highly recommend this place

    Jamie Griffey

    1.0 rating

    I had to get aggressive to get my dad's a shower after a week . His roommate hadn't had a shower since December. Tho there are a few good people like Marilyn in OT . Love her a bunch . They need to be reassesed

    Raffy Tubera

    5.0 rating

    Rhonda Clermont

    5.0 rating

    Rose Sabayle Villanea

    5.0 rating

    Manor Care provided my mother an outstanding patient care. The facility is very clean and staff are caring and kind. I couldn't ask for a better care for my mom.

    Barbara Saludo

    5.0 rating

    Miranda Penalosa

    5.0 rating

    Ric Forya

    1.0 rating

    food wasn't good sometime came cold, there is one or two really good nurse which is Susan and binu in the mornings two really good CNAs jocelyn and Michelle in the morning. that's it!!! night crew was mean CNAs was older and too weak to help me. I ask for help mutiple times and it never happened. only the morning crew is helpful. the PT area was ok but needs updating. I won't recommend anyone to stay there.

    Gail Jones

    1.0 rating

    horrible place to stay

    Elizablest Moonrose

    1.0 rating

    if you are bedridden be prepared to wait long periods of time before someone comes to help you after you have pressed the call button. This is a daily occurrence.

    Toni Martinez

    5.0 rating

    My 92 yr old Father is just wrapping up his 3 week stay there. When he arrived, he could barely stand, couldn't walk, couldn't feed himself and his dementia was really bad. He had fallen and injured his knee and was very dehydrated, and after 4 days in the hospital, was sent here for rehab. Today, my Dad can stand and walk, can feed himself and is more coherent and focused. He is an entirely different man, than when he arrived. The nurses here have taken such good care of him along with his physical therapist. He exercises every day and it shows. He also enjoys it. I have to give a lot of credit to his Manorcare social worker Eunique. She helped me navigate all the paperwork I needed for his permanent care home. I would not hesitate to place my Father here again if he ever needed a skilled nursing home. Thanks to Manorcare, my Father is back to his old self. Manorcare in clean and run very efficiently. Yesterday, was pet therapy day. There were dogs and cats for the patients to pet and cuddle. Those pets put smiles on a lot of faces. What a great program.

    Marivic Mamuyac-Santos

    1.0 rating

    Trish G.

    5.0 rating

    My dad was transferred here for the remainder of his life under hospice care. Even just for the few days of his stay and life at the facility, the staff was accommodating, kind, caring and watchful of my dad and took care of the needs of my dad and mom who visited daily. Thank you Manor Care staff and team for the love, care and support you have provided for my dad till his last days and also to my family and me. Glad to call you my second family.

    HulaBula M.

    1.0 rating

    This place is the worst. Would give zero stars if that was an option!1. Reception is arrogant, rude and has major attitude. The lady has a snotty attitude and it's very off putting. 2. The rooms are old, crusty, dark and depressing!!! It feels like a creepy "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" environment. They even have a nurse ratchet. The entrance looks decent, but once you get to the back of the house where your family member lives, it's disgusting! Very institutional. Prison like!3. Visiting hours. Once per day for 30 minutes, then someone escorts you out!!!! And if you don't make a reservation you can't get in at all!! (if you want to visit your loved one here,  be prepared to see them at a minimum).4. My mom was here for Rehab. When she was dropped off from the hospital my mom was afraid, nervous and feeling uneasy. They would not let me go back with her, they made me stay outside and told me to come back in two hours once the nurse had given an exam. Two hours later I returned and my mom was still laying there on the bed, no one had even greeted her or examined her. 5. They have no competent nurses that know about feeding tubes, nor does their doctor! My mom was over fed, and was drowning in food. I had seen her in the morning and she seemed "off" then my brother visited in the afternoon and said she was drooling food... it was dribbling out of her mouth all afternoon apparently. My brother told the nurse about it (she didn't even notice). She then called the doctor who told her to turn it off. (Later that evening they turned it back on!) Then at 5am I received a call from the ER saying my mom was there and was "unresponsive" when she had arrived from Manor Care. The doctor gave her two hours to live. She was in Septic Shock. By the grace of God and the amazing doctors at El Camino Hospital my mom pulled through. Shame on Manor Care for their sub-par care of my mom. You guys are the worst ever!Don't bring your loved one here, they could care less about them!!

    Juan G.

    1.0 rating

    DO NOT go to this facility if your loved one needs hospice care. They are horrible. They ignore my mother in law and her clothes are always getting lost. Today she asked for her toothbrush and I had to call and tell them to to give her the toothbrush. She has to hold onto her roll of toilet paper because another resident keeps taking it. The roll had very little paper left on it. We were visiting with her and we had to ask several times for them to replace her toilet paper. We also had to tell them to clean her bathroom that was extremely dirty. If I could give them a zero I would. When we addressed these issues with the new social worker instead of saying they would do better they said if we didn't like it then we could move her to another facility. How unprofessional!! If it were that easy we would. My mother in law is in her last decline of her illness and this is the care she is getting. I wish I could afford to stop working and take care of her. My advice to everyone out there is to make arrangements $$$$ to never end up in these facilities. They don't care!!!!!

    Mimi P.

    5.0 rating

    This nursing care center has been excellent.  I will have spent 5 weeks here and they are top notch. I especially  appreciate  the physical  therapy  department.  I have had extensive  physical  therapy  but none as good as here. Staff are amazing. Talented beyond belief and extremely  kind and caring.  Just amazing  therapy  department.  Best ever. And I've  had a lot.

    Alex R.

    5.0 rating

    Our father receives first-class treatment at ManorCare. He came with serious mobility and cognitive issues and over less than 2-week period his condition markedly improved. We always find him clean, well dressed, fed and in good mood. He is well taken care of. He is normally a very picky and often moody person, but he likes it here. Always compliments the food he is given.The staff, Naseem, Alma, Emmie, Trisha, is accessible, courteous,  and always finds time to talk to us and answer our numerous questions. They helped us navigate the complex field of senior care.Our only regret is that father is there on a short-term basis. We hope one day Manor will provide long-term care for him as well.

    Kathy T.

    2.0 rating

    Manor care is like a locked down jail i with never come back again understaffed at the no privacy

    David S.

    4.0 rating

    I spent three months at Manor Care, following major knee surgery. Overall, the facilities were nice, the staff helpful and the food was more than edible, with good variety. They give you a menu the previous week, so you can order what you want ahead of time and they were very good about substitutions and additions.Several of their staff really stood out. Rod, the administrator, was always friendly, responsive and always available. Sandra is the best nurse there who always went above and beyond. Joaquin is a phenomenal nurse assistant, who was only there all the time (sometimes working 16-hour days), but also anticipated my every need. He is a true jewel! On the negative side, some of the nurses felt it was beneath them to do basic things like empty your pee jar. And the reception staff were often rude to my visitors.Overall, Manor care is a good place to be, as a nursing home or as a rehab center.

    D. S.

    5.0 rating

    The staff at ManorCare take care of my mom on a daily basis with great care and consideration. We inspected many skilled nursing facilities on the peninsula and ManorCare was the only one that stood out (for all the right reasons). ManorCare's response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been great with safety protocols in place and vaccines for its patients. We know our mom is getting the best care possible by personnel who truly care. When choosing a facility for a loved one, it's important to get referrals, but also take the time to visit all the facilities and talk to the staff, not just the admissions personnel who are trained to "sell" to you.

    Dale W.

    5.0 rating

    I recently made my second visit to ManorCare Sunnyvale after a short admission to a local hospital, for rehab. I was there in 2017 for about 3 weeks, and this time for one week. Both were wonderful experiences. The staff treated me with dignity and respect, and during this most recent visit, it was very different because of the pandemic. This facility has had ZERO cases of COVID because of their strict protocols and guidelines. When I was transferred from the hospital, I was placed in a separate wing for incoming patients. Although I had a negative COVID test just prior to discharge from the hospital, I was in a 14 day quarantine, not permitted to leave my very large comfortable room with private bath, and all treatments and meals were brought to me or administered to me in my room by completely gowned and masked staff.I love the food there, which was provided according to the dietary restrictions I had, in just the right portion sizes. I would highly recommend ManorCare Sunnyvale - in fact, I read a recent review by US News & World Report that this very facility has been rated the highest in the United States, which confirms my own high opinion of the hard working staff!

    Angeline V.

    5.0 rating

    This nursing facility took the best care of my late grandmother. They always tried their best to communicate with her even though she didn't speak any English and pushed them away. When families were no longer able to visit patients during COVID-19 they created a schedule to make sure that every patient was able to FaceTime their loved ones and see their faces. On top of that this facility was very well taken care of. We been to many facilities in the past and this was the nicest. They have a lot of windows so the place is bright and airy. If anyone is considering this place, do it.

    Julie R.

    5.0 rating

    I recently was transferred from hospital to ManorCare, Sunnyvale after open heart surgery for rehab before going home. This was during the recent Covid-19 time frame. I stayed a total of 3 weeks, and my entire visit was a great experience. I was concerned for the need to be in a rehab but what I experienced was EVERYONE from Nurses, CNA's (whether they were assigned to my room or happen to be noticing a need there) were polite, caring, thorough, knowledgeable and attentive to my needs throughout! This also includes the wound care reps, PT's, OT's, office service ppl and assigned Doctor. Regarding therapists, they consistently gave advice, direction and a positive encouragement to support my efforts to build myself up. I hesitate to name them for fear I may leave someone out but here are a few that stood out to me, Marissa, Lucy, Letricia, Linh , Ann, Karla, Aparna, Jennie, Alex, Dr Hussein, Gary, Brenda, Olka, wound care and her backup rep (can't recall her name)!I know, regrettably, I'm leaving names out, but the above are a few that helped me with respect and sincerity!Even my experience with their transport driver to my Cardiologist appt was superb.Thank you so much for being my support system during this tough time of Covid-19 and recovery!

    Marla M.

    5.0 rating

    My brother had a great experience here in every way: efficient, helpful healthcare workers (nurses, PT, social workers, etc), and responsive. Am very appreciative, especially during this shelter-in-place time when so much responsibility falls on them. Thank you! Highly recommend if you need skilled nursing.

    Holly D.

    1.0 rating

    Well my mother in law was there on a respite stay and it was terrible. I saw her 3 of the 5 days and on all three days she was wet and soiled. Barely nourished and dehydrated. I wouldn't trust any person or living being with a pulse to them.  I would rather leave zero stars but that's not an option.

    Teresa R.

    2.0 rating

    I want to thank Sandra Mcbee , Amha  Teklemicael ,Jocelyn Bonilla , Joaquin Venture  and all the therapist Jenny and her group of  therapist that did such a good job taking care of my husband while he was there for 3 weeks  at Manor Care, showing him how to walk and feed himself again they were there to make him comfortable and help him with his needs thank you again for doing such a good job .

    night g.

    1.0 rating

    I'm writing from the point of view of a caregiver since my loved one (LO) was admitted here at ManorCare on a WEEKEND.  I would rate this as a 0 in my opinion.  My LO was discharged from the hospital on a weekend and was admitted to ManorCare, all of the admin (social worker, etc) besides Admission was onsite.  Even the on call Dr was hard to reach and we had to go through CNA.  My recommendation is to never get admitted to a nursing home over the weekend since no one is around besides the CNA.  When my LO was admitted, they gave us a tall stack of paper to fill and sign. We filled it out and no one came by to even collect the info.  I was even concerned that if something happened to my LO while I wasn't there, would ManorCare have my info in the system to contact for emergency?  Apparently not since they never came to collect all of the paperwork.  No one even let us know when my LO would even receive his next regimen of drugs since he was discharged from the hospital.  The experience was horrible... The CNA are overworked and every time when I asked for something... the workers said the CNA has the answer, "GO ASK THE CNA" and it would take over 2 hours to get something done.  The CNA is busy filling and helping with other patients who don't have time to even help.  Another thing is that the call button in the room didn't even work until I tried... no one even checked to see if it was functional!  I even saw some patients exit or left the facility... not sure if they were authorized to do that.  Be wary of this place and the medicare rating should be 0 stars for this facility.  Patients are considered a number here.

    C M.

    1.0 rating

    This place kicked me out even after  knowing that I had MRSA and was approved to walk around .  They broke HIPA and told other residents  patients NOT to associate with me ( I have witness  and will be suing ) Risk:  If you value your privacy and believe and HIPA I would avoid Manor Care at all costs

    Bev V.

    1.0 rating

    Update.This will be old news by now, but I felt I should update anyone wanting to read further.My Mom died at this facility. When she passed away, no one, I mean not a single person who worked with my Mom notified us that she had passed away.We were finally told by the charge nurse and the facility director that someone looked in on my Mom around 8:15am-ish. They said at this time she was having difficulty breathing. No one called. My sister showed up around 10am and found my Mom dead.  They knew she was dead because they had taken my Mom's roommate out and put a curtain around her bed. My sister found out by walking into the room and seeing a dead body.She became HYSTERICAL to say the least. I won't go into the dirty details of what happened next, but no one should ever have to endure the horrible treatment my Mom and family did from this location.

    IrisAnn Nelson

    5.0 rating

    I came here after a bad experience at another skilled nursing facility, so I was skeptical. Everyone here has been kind, considerate, encouraging and helpful. Yes, you may have to wait 15 to 20 minutes after you press your call button to have someone come in, but everyone is busy taking care of so many needy patients! Plan on it! PT and OT have been working hard to get me to be able to take care of myself at home. The food is excellent. The facility is clean. Everyone introduces themselves and is kind, friendly and helpful. As the night CNA, Mila, said, I need to treat this as a vacation where I'm not at home doing the cooking, cleaning and all the chores. I will miss the encouragement that I find here when I am able to go home.

    Samuel Zuckerman

    4.0 rating

    Donnasue Hephinger

    4.0 rating

    Therapy workers are the best! I have never been helped like this in years or ever! They are knowledgeable, and really work with you!Nursing staff is excellent, no one has a attitude, always a kind word and a smile!And then we come to the CNA’s! They are always there 24-7 for you , and again never a complaint, IWas there 3 weeks and it went fast! I have never been in any hospital except here without a issue! I highlyRecommend Manor Care for anyone who needs the help!

    Leila Adl

    1.0 rating

    Do not send your loved ones to this nursing home. They will be neglected, isolated and god knows what else. The only thing they do for them was many covid tests. Something very diabolic is going on in these nursing homes. My mother went in for wound care and died mysteriously a week later. Is there anyone left who doesn’t know what goes on with these nursing homes yet? God help us all.


    5.0 rating

    Malcolm Bywaters

    5.0 rating

    I went her in April of 2020 staff from Nurses to nursing aids to PT & OT and staff in front office all was great. Only issue I had was the bed I’m a big guy and had a total knee replacement surgery and have bad hips and the mattress was way to thin they need to invest in a bariatric air mattress which adjusts so pressure points move so lower risks of so patches.Having other knee done on 9/10 and they hope to send me to Manor care on 9/12.


    2.0 rating

    Extremely Under Staffed ...1 RN per 24 Patients with 1 LVN/CNA per 12-14 patients.

    Susana Pateli

    1.0 rating

    I should have learned my lesson the first time 👎🏽 I actually really like the PT and OT but the rest of this place is a joke! I was transferred here from Stanford last night having a total knee replacement- it’s 1:00pm the next day and I just got my 1st dose of pain meds!

    Gerson Captain

    5.0 rating

    Dwayne Flygare

    1.0 rating

    No one awnsers the phone, I walk in 4 people at the desk. Walk into my wife's room light on, shes been without care in the restroom for more than 10 minutes.if this wasn't a choice from the hospital for post care, I would have just brought my wife home! Will never recomend Manor care ever. Just check the BBB and with the advocates of this home.

    John Z

    1.0 rating

    Ricky Rose

    1.0 rating

    My wife who was sent to manor care in Sunnyvale from Stanford university . Was there one night the next day she had bad fall was sent back to Stanford university. She is fall risk and the staff lift her standing by herself and she fell. Ended with a goose size knot on her forehead and a fractured knee. After 4 months at Stanford university she was sent back to manor care, at about 6:30, my wife sent me a message that she told the nurse she needed to help to use the bathroom. Instead of helping her, the nurse left to go and get a cna, the nurse came back 15 minutes later, to make a long story short, my had lay in her own urine for almost a hour before she got. I wonder what outh that nurse took and what part the word care she dosen't understand. ( UNACCEPTABLE)

    Behzad Eghtesad

    1.0 rating

    my mom’s passed away in this rehabLong story, if she be alive again , never will not take her there againday by day everything changes. My mom's stop eating / talking in last 2 months ( up and down) she live in this rehab for 7 years with many up and down here we totally was satisfied but this days i see many issues that need Management care. specially Doctors. my mom's last doctor Dr Mery Manavalan was very good with her for many years, also her last American Doctor was the best ( i forgot his name) unfortunately this days her Dr is Mr Wood! He is most negative Dr ever i see, over 20 times i called him in emergency and leave messaged ( in 20 days) .. nothing! after some arguments with Nursing station, they called him and same day he called me, without any excuse, he said i cannot visit or do anything for your mom's except if you want order for hospital! i said Dr excuse me, but in last 3 months your her dr even one time 1 min you did not meet her!.... can i switch you to Dr Ayati ( another Dr here) and he shut down the phone to me!!!!!!.... I talk Dr Ayati directly he said after Christmas i come to visit her, by the law but just for one time as i cannot be her Dr!.. time passed and over 10 time Ayati told me i will come next week... but near 3 months passed and nothing happened by them!!!.... i talk two time with Dr Hussain , she was so polite but refused to visit or talk for her!!.... even for a mins.... really they need to go to first class to learn about meaning and act of responsibility.

    Scott Crandall

    1.0 rating

    So far they are lucky to get one star. The Dietitian thinks he can diagnose illness and ignore instructions from the hospital doctor for dietary restrictions. There is no clear chain of command after 5 Pm on Friday until 8 AM on Monday, and staff are not empowered to find solutions to problems. The contracted pharmacy Omnicare supplying patient medications is located in Lodi California, at least a 3 hour drive away, and ManorCare is not allowed to use any of the 14 pharmacies within 5 miles for urgent medications. The Omnicare pharmacist also thinks he or she can disregard a doctors orders and withhold medication.

    joette bachlund

    1.0 rating

    My Father was a patient at this nursing facility in1992.I sure hope it has changed since then.I had many problems with the staff and Doctor there then. I would not recommend this place to anyone .The poor dying patients are not given any respect and the families were not considered at all.Very shameful and very unprofessional!

    Danesh Forouhari

    4.0 rating

    Adriana Marquez

    5.0 rating

    The best place my dad has ever been too. They took great care of him and every patient there. My dad's mobility improved gradually after he got his surgery. Many thanks to all the staff.

    S K

    5.0 rating

    Great Staff. Very caring.Physical Therapy staff very knowledgeable.

    Mayuri Cho

    5.0 rating

    La Sonia Brown

    5.0 rating

    Health and Fire Safety Deficiencies

    The Center for Medicare and Medicaid report report health and fire safety deficiencies. Some of these deficiencies are more severe than others. The following table shows different levels of severity.

    Severity of Deficiency Isolated Pattern Widespread
    Immediate jeopardy to resident health or safety J K L
    Actual harm that is not immediate jeopardy G H I
    No actual harm with potential for more than minimal harm that is not immediate jeopardy D E F
    No actual harm with potential for minimal harm A B C

    Fire Safety Deficiencies

    Survey Date Correction Date Letter Category Description
    2022-11-21 2022-12-08 D Egress Deficiencies Have properly located and lighted "Exit" signs.
    2022-11-21 2022-12-08 E Smoke Deficiencies Provide properly protected cooking facilities.
    2022-11-21 2022-12-08 E Smoke Deficiencies Install corridor and hallway doors that block smoke.
    2022-11-21 2022-12-08 D Smoke Deficiencies Ensure smoke barriers are constructed to a 1 hour fire resistance rating.
    2022-11-21 2022-12-08 D Miscellaneous Deficiencies Provide a written emergency evacuation plan.
    2022-11-21 2022-12-08 D Gas, Vacuum, and Electrical Systems Deficiencies Ensure proper usage of power strips and extension cords.
    2020-08-13 2020-08-28 D Smoke Deficiencies Provide properly protected cooking facilities.
    2020-08-13 2020-08-28 E Smoke Deficiencies Install corridor and hallway doors that block smoke.
    2020-08-13 2020-08-28 D Miscellaneous Deficiencies Have posted "No-smoking" signs in areas where smoking is not permitted or ashtrays provided where smoking was allowed.
    2020-08-13 2020-08-28 D Gas, Vacuum, and Electrical Systems Deficiencies Ensure proper usage of power strips and extension cords.
    2019-04-11 2019-06-12 D Egress Deficiencies Install emergency lighting that can last at least 1 1/2 hours.

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