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Augusta Nursing & Rehab Center

83 Crossroads Lane, Fishersville, VA 22939

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Memory Care, Nursing Home, Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation

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Augusta Nursing & Rehab Center Description

Augusta Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is a place to get better, and a place for living life to the fullest. At Consulate Health Care, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch care to our patients and residents. Our culture is one of compassion and caring, where our staff treats everyone like family. It's not just a job for us – it's our calling.

Price Comparison

  • Estimated Facility Price: $5,031
  • Average City Price: $5,396
  • Average State Price: $5,396
  • Average National Price: $5,492
  • Ranking

  • Ranking in City: 3 out of 4 communities in Fishersville
  • Ranking in State: 310 out of 400 communities in VA
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    Augusta Nursing & Rehab Center offers comprehensive post-acute care and long-term care services to its patients. It provides 24-hour skilled nursing care, physical occupational and speech therapies, discharge planning program, Alzheimer's and dementia care as well as care for medically complex patients. The center also offers short-term rehab programs to help patients recover from an illness or injury and return home.

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    Information from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

    This nursing community has been given an overall rating of 1 out of 5 stars by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid receiving 2 stars on its health inspection, 2 stars on its quality measures rating, and 1 stars on its staffing rating. Within the quality measure rating, each facility is given a short-stay rating and a long-stay rating. This facility received a 2-star short-stay rating and a 3-star long-stay rating. This nursing home is certified by Medicare and Medicaid and was first approved to provide Medicare and Medicaid services on 01/25/99 and is run by a for profit organization. It is a large-sized nursing community with 112 nursing beds. Currently, there are 87 residents within the nursing community. Be advised these resident occupancy numbers are not always up to date and are collected from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services website periodically.

    Alerts from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

    This facility has been given 1 fine by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for a total of $3,250.00. The facility has had 6 substantiated complaints reported in the last 3 years that resulted in a citation.

    Overall Ratings

    The Augusta Nursing & Rehab Center, a nursing home facility, unfortunately holds a low standing in terms of overall ratings. It has received an overall rating of just 1-star, placing it in the bottom 20% of facilities based on this criterion, and making it lower than the state average. In addition, it has been given a modest 2-star rating in health inspections, which is the second lowest possible score. This places it in the bottom 40% of facilities assessed through health inspection, with a rating that falls below the state average. Lastly, the Augusta Nursing & Rehab Center's quality rating is also on the lower side. It has secured only a 2-star quality rating, positioning it in the bottom 20% of establishments in terms of quality, a rating that is again lower than the state average.

    Staff Ratings

    The Augusta Nursing & Rehab Center receives a 1-star staff rating, marking it as having the lowest possible rating in this category. Their nursing aid staffing hours per resident per day fall into the bottom 10% of facilities nationwide, with an average of only 1.27 hours compared to the state average of 1.94 hours. Similarly, their LPN staffing hours per resident each day sit within the lower half of facilities, amounting to 0.8 hours as opposed to the state's 1.02 hours. Interestingly, RN staffing hours per resident per day place the nursing home in the upper half of facilities, yet they still fail to meet the state average with 0.58 hours compared to 0.6. Their licensed staffing hours per resident per day also sit in the bottom half of facilities with 1.39 hours versus a state average of 1.62. However, in terms of physical therapist staffing hours per resident each day, Augusta Nursing & Rehab Center ranks in the top 40% of facilities. Despite this, its average of 0.07 hours remains less than the state average of 0.08.

    Covid Data

    The Augusta Nursing & Rehab Center, a prestigious nursing home facility, takes priority in ensuring the health and well-being of both its staff and residents. It ranks in the top 10% of all nursing home facilities with an impressive resident vaccination rate of 92.7%, significantly surpassing the state average of 61.9%. This high rate is demonstrative of the Center's commitment to keeping their residents safe from potential health threats. Similarly, the Augusta Center also ranks in the top 30% of facilities when considering their staff vaccination rate which stands at an encouraging 39.6%, again surpassing the state's average rate of 25.9%. This strong commitment to maintaining up-to-date vaccinations for both residents and staff solidifies the Augusta Nursing & Rehab Center's standing as a leading institution in healthcare.

    Quality Measures

    The Augusta Nursing & Rehab Center, despite having a higher than state average percentage of residents given the pneumococcal vaccine at 96.36%, finds itself in the second lowest tier with a 2-star quality measure rating. This is perhaps due to several areas of concern. The facility falls within the bottom 30% of nursing homes given their high percentage, 9.44%, of residents who exhibit depressive symptoms. This number noticeably outpaces the state average which is only 5.84%. Additionally, the nursing home is in the bottom 20% when it comes to the percent of residents with a catheter left in the bladder, accounting for a worrying 2.94% of residents, significantly outstripping the state average of 1.01%. Finally, the ability to move independently has deteriorated among 19.5% of its residents, a rate that is greater than the state’s average of 18.49%, placing Augusta Nursing & Rehab Center in the bottom 30% of facilities in this category. Despite a commendable vaccination rate, these areas of concern contribute to the facility's low overall quality rating.

    Emergency and Hospitalization Quality Measures

    The Augusta Nursing & Rehab Center stands out in several key areas regarding its service performance. Being in the top 10% of facilities, it boasts a commendable record of only 0.79 hospitalizations per 1000 days, noticeably lower than the state's average of 1.49 hospitalizations. However, the nursing home finds itself in the bottom 20% in terms of outpatient emergency department visits per 1000 days, recording a higher than state average rate of 1.79 visits, compared to the state's 1.11. Similarly, it has a greater proportion of short-stay residents who visit the outpatient emergency department, with 15.08% compared to the state's average of 13.11%, putting it in the bottom 30% of facilities in this regard. Despite this, the Augusta Nursing & Rehab Center excels in terms of rehospitalizations after a nursing home admission, falling in the higher half of all facilities. It has a higher rehospitalization rate of 22.41%, surpassing the state's average of 22.09%.

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    Bus Stations

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    Bus Stop
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  • High Temperature: 79°F
  • Low Temperature: 35°F
  • Average Temperature: 57.6°F
  • Day Breakdown: 164 days of rain, 20 days of snow and 180 days of sun
  • Precipitation: 2.5 inches a year
  • Google map of Augusta Nursing & Rehab Center


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    General Staff Rating
    Based on 7 total reviews
    Care Staff Rating
    Based on 16 total reviews
    Food Staff Rating
    Based on 2 total reviews
    Cleanliness Rating
    Based on 2 total reviews
    Activities and Services Rating
    Based on 5 total reviews
    donald hudson

    1.0 rating


    Kelly B.

    1.0 rating

    My mother needed short-term care and was a patient here for 9 days until we (her family) requested a rescue squad to take her to the hospital when we found her struggling to breathe and very lethargic. I personally had to walk to the nurse's station several times before anyone would come to check on her. When they finally did come to her room and realized she needed oxygen right away, they couldn't even get the oxygen to work. They were on the second machine by the time the ambulance arrived. There were other things that occurred during her brief stay. The majority of the nursing staff I encountered were rude. In my opinion, based on my experience... NOT a good place to have someone you love. I didn't want to give any stars but had to click one to post my review.

    Frankie Pugh

    1.0 rating

    My dad was sent here for rehabilitation the service was not good he received none of his medication and is a diabetic and they give him nothing he was supposed to be on a bipap machine and they didn’t have set up nor did they have the mask or tube after 10 hours we called the doctor and told them to get him back to the hospital he was so upset and complaining of his chest hurting and could not breath I really wish I could give a negative star this place is a joke and needs to be shut down come Monday morning I well be make phone calls I don’t recommend sending ur loved one here this people have no respect for the patients and they should not be able to work with ur loved ones how would they fell if someone did there loved one like this

    Keenan Clark

    1.0 rating

    My grandmother was recently a patient at this facility, and while she was there, she experienced complete disrespect and neglect, as well as witnessed her roommate being neglected and cussed at. She was never given any of her prescribed pain medication that her doctor ordered. She would ask for the bedpan, and be forced to lay and wait up to two hours before they brought it, and after she had used it she was left on it for three to four hours! She needed to be rotated frequently due to a pressure ulcer at the top of her rear, and she would be left laying on her back for hours before they would come reposition her, making her pressure ulcer progress from a stage one to a stage three and infection!! She was there for four weeks and was only bathed TWICE!!! Meanwhile, her poor sweet roommate (who was there as a stroke rehabilitation patient) never received any type of motor-skills exercises or mobility training necessary in stroke rehabilitation. In fact, she NEVER left their room in two weeks to do any type of physical therapy. When they were brought meals, no one helped the roommate to eat (she only had one arm that she could move and it would shake really bad making eating extremely difficult). The roommate was also left for hours uncomfortably slumped over before anyone would come to reposition her. The ONLY good thing that happened was my grandmother’s roommate was in fact bathed every day. Why my grandmother wasn’t bathed I have no clue. She was also left in the same adult under garment for a WEEK! I wouldn’t trust these “skilled nurses” to take care of my goldfish!!! We are taking legal action!!!

    Bridgett Sanders

    1.0 rating

    I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE! My father was sent here after he was discharged from the hospital after having back surgery (rods placed). He was suppose to wear a back brace which he wasn't in. My brother and I went to visit him via a window visit due to Covid and on the way to his window, we saw him in the hallway on the floor out of his wheelchair. We took him out ASAP. They forgot to give us his back brace and had to argue with them to get that. They said it was hospital property and they weren't going to give it us. (It was not hospital property, his insurance paid for it). I made numerous calls to speak with the manager or head director, Alyssa, and it was like pulling teeth to get someone to call back. Nothing was ever resolved. If I could give negative stars, I certainly would. PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR LOVED ONES GO HERE!


    5.0 rating

    I definitely have and will continue to recommend. I was able to have my love one here for rehabilitation following orthopedic surgery. I had discussed quality of care with a previous patient and they highly recommended this facility. Thank you for the excellent care and compassion!

    Carolyn Shiflet

    1.0 rating

    It is so frustrating trying to get through to these people. You either get a busy signal or no one answer. When you do finally get though you get the run around and someone will be called back. I was told Friday that I would hear back Monday and mow its 2:30 on Tuesday no one has called and I can't get though to them.

    Arianne Ben Khemis

    1.0 rating

    My mom was supposed to be getting rehab in this facility after an illness in the hospital. She is senile and has trouble communicating. She called and was upset but didn’t explain why. I was never able to visit her due to COViD restrictions. After a week my mom checked herself out. I was horrified when I saw her condition. She had feces caked to her legs and abdomen. She must have sat in feces for the entire week. DO NOT let these people take “care” of your loved one.

    Linda Fitzgerald

    1.0 rating

    My Father has been at Augusta Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for several weeks now. He broke his his on Mother’s Day and had surgery the next morning and eventually sent here for rehabilitation. We have been pleased at the fact that they have had no reported cases of Covid-19. And go to great lengths to try and keep it that way. However.... my father has some dementia. And doesn’t quite grasp why we can’t be there with him as we usually are when he’s in the hospital. But they have told us to call anytime to check on him or talk to someone about any concerns we may have. That doesn’t seem to be the case. As we call and try to get thru and usually can’t. He has a cell phone. But probably doesn’t hear it most of the time. They gave us a cordless phone number that the residents use. We can never get they on that either. And a lot of times someone will pick up then hang up. We leave messages for the Dr. or Social Worker to call. And that doesn’t always happen either.My parents have been married for 65 years. And it’s been very stressful on the both of them not being able to see each other. At times my Fattercwill call my Mother. But some dats he thinks he has and he hasn’t and age gets worried. She can’t stand outside very long with the window visits. Especially in the heat we’ve been having.I TOTALLY understand my father isn’t the only other patient they have. And as I understand it they are dealing with most of them being depressed from not being able to have their loved ones come see them. And I believe ..... as in most cases these days they are short staffed. We are trying to be patient and understanding. But if anyone has any ideas on how to get better communication with the staff to be able to check on my Father I’d really appreciate it. One nurse just basically told me he was ok and hung up before I could really ask anything else. We only get bits and pieces of things. Hopefully he’ll be home soon. But I’m the meantime any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    Lori Kindig

    5.0 rating

    My Father was here about a month post-stroke. His care was extraordinary, and his nurses were very personable. His favorite were the physical therapists, and continues to visit them with goodies every now and then. Kudos to the entire team at Augusta Nursing and Rehab!!

    Jamie Emore

    5.0 rating

    My father was here back in July for Rehab and I have to say we were very please with the staff and the rehab department. I would recommend this place to anyone and it was clean and it smelled very good. Thank you Augusta Nursing and rehab for getting my father back home. Jamie

    Audra Franklin

    5.0 rating

    I have been a nurse for over her 16 years and want to say that I drive a hour and forty five minutes one way to work at this facility. We have some great management and a very loving staff. We strive to do our best in taking care of our residents and providing them the care they deserve!

    Teresa Conley

    1.0 rating

    I have someone staying there that I care about and they just don't seem to care enough one guy wanted back in bed because he can't walk good and he was ignored.This place needs to get it together and start caring more for the patients.Also keep the rooms clean.

    Jessie Bryant

    5.0 rating

    Great service and hospitality at this wonderful rehab facility. Pt (Doc Hillary) and OT (Michelle) are superb in their professions and provide inspirational work with their patients.

    Valerie Imbert

    1.0 rating

    They almost killed my dad, and within 3 days! I wonder if this a record for them reading these reviews now. The only reason we haven't sued is that my mother can't handle the stress. Do not send someone you love there! Thank God that Augusta medical was across the street and the nursing facility there was able to keep him AFTER he got out of ICU due to the aforementioned morons that almost killed him with negligence

    Angela Surratt

    5.0 rating

    My mother was there for Rehab and I have to say that they were great! They got her back home. I know they have had some back newspaper article but please know they are top notch care!

    Jenny Dawn

    5.0 rating

    From the first encounter we had at the hospital with the representative for their company through our last day at this facility, the staff and everyone we spoke to were great! The level of care given was the biggest contributor to my family choosing this company. If you want to know your family member I’d being cared for and respected this is where you should Check into.

    Richard Smith

    5.0 rating

    My mother was here for skilled services and I must say that I was very impressed with the over all experience. Therapy, nursing staff and administration staff went above and beyond for the care of my mother. Thank you Augusta Nursing and Rehab Center!!

    Debbie C

    5.0 rating

    Excellent facility. Everyone is very kind and caring. Executive Director wears scrubs not suits. Helps out from answering call bells to serving food. This is a building where everyone goes above and beyond. Customer service is their number one!

    Kathy Garris

    5.0 rating

    I have been visiting my sister who has Alzheimer's over here for five months. During my visits I have observed the utmost in professionalism from the Nurses and CNA's while working with my sister and all other patients. They are thorough, cheerful, and kind to all. They truly enjoy their jobs and it is reflected in everything they do. I'd like to give a special shout out to Dori, Tonika, Audra, and Doresa for superior service and making my sister feel at home and loved.

    Mary Eckared

    5.0 rating

    Staff is exertremly friendly

    Health and Fire Safety Deficiencies

    The Center for Medicare and Medicaid report report health and fire safety deficiencies. Some of these deficiencies are more severe than others. The following table shows different levels of severity.

    Severity of Deficiency Isolated Pattern Widespread
    Immediate jeopardy to resident health or safety J K L
    Actual harm that is not immediate jeopardy G H I
    No actual harm with potential for more than minimal harm that is not immediate jeopardy D E F
    No actual harm with potential for minimal harm A B C

    Fire Safety Deficiencies

    Survey Date Correction Date Letter Category Description
    2019-09-17 2019-10-22 F Smoke Deficiencies Install a fire alarm system that can be heard throughout the facility.

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