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  • Review: WOW! Computer for Seniors

    WOW Computers: What Are They? Computers aren’t always easy on the eyes. With their dim screens, small images, and not-so-simple interfaces, they can give you a headache when your eyesight isn’t quite what it used to be. Couple this problem with their constantly changing technology, and it’s easy for a computer to quickly frustrate even …

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  • Marking off a checklist

    Early Signs of Dementia Checklist

    No one wants to believe they or their loved one could be suffering from dementia, but with about 5.8 million people (5.6 million over the age of 65) diagnosed with some form of dementia in the U.S., it’s a condition we have to admit can impact us or those close to us. A dementia diagnosis …

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  • Hospice aide holds patient's hand

    Hospice Criteria and Eligibility

    Hospice isn’t a topic that’s enjoyable to discuss, but it is important, especially if your loved one is a senior citizen who’s dealing with a terminal illness and is expected to need hospice services in the near future. As a caregiver, you must familiarize yourself with the hospice criteria and eligibility requirements so that you …

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  • Caregiver holding elderly person's hand

    When Should Someone Be Offered Palliative Care?

    When an elderly loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal or long-lasting illness, their overall care needs change. They need a different level of care than they would normally need just for aging or for a curable or short-term illness. Such a diagnosis often brings up the question of when should someone be offered …

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  • Senior looking out of apartment window

    What Are Senior Apartments?

    When looking for a new apartment, you might come across the term “senior apartments” and you’ll wonder what are senior apartments? The truth is, senior apartments are exactly like regular apartments, except they come with special features designed especially for senior citizens. If you are a senior citizen, though, moving into a senior apartment may …

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  • Feeding Tubes for the Elderly

    What Is a Feeding Tube? A feeding tube is a device that’s used to nourish individuals via a direct route to the stomach. Tubes are used to give people medicine, food, and liquid when they aren’t able to take these substances by mouth. A variety of feeding tube styles exist. Gastrostomy tubes extend about six …

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  • Helping an Elderly Mother That’s Never Happy

    Your mother cared for you when you were a child and did just about everything she could to make your life happy. Now, as you find your caretaking roles reversing as you both age, you likely want to pay her back for all those wonderful memories you have. However, what happens when your mom seems …

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  • Model of teeth for dentures or implants.

    Dentures vs Implants

    Deciding between dentures vs implants seems like it would be simple, but it’s really not. Each type of teeth replacement option has its own pros and cons, which means you have to carefully weigh dentures vs implants to ensure you choose the right solution for your lifestyle and needs. Once you decide between implants and …

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  • Elderly man's legs in a wheelchair

    Leg Weakness in the Elderly

    Leg weakness in the elderly can be the result of several things, so you shouldn’t automatically assume the worst if you or your loved one is experiencing leg muscle weakness. It can often come from a vitamin deficiency, which can be fixed by adding a supplement to your diet. Sometimes, leg weakness in the elderly …

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  • The Best Electric Razors for Seniors

    As we get older, the way we take care of ourselves changes with our bodies. For men older men, managing facial hair is an important part of self-care and self-confidence, but many razors are too harsh on mature skin and pose safety risks. Fortunately, electric razors can help. Their design allows them to trim and …

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