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The Fountains At Washington House

5100 Fillmore Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22311

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Independent Living, Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation

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Estimated $9,424
Two Bedroom
Estimated $14,600

Price Comparison

  • Average City Price: $8,605
  • Average State Price: $4,606
  • Average National Price: $4,181
  • Exclusive Interview Insights

    Our team personally reached out and conducted an insightful interview with this community on 10-06-2023. Here's what we learned:

    Overview of the Senior Living Community

    This senior living community offers both independent living and assisted living options, catering to a variety of senior needs and preferences.

    Staff Training and Background

    The community is staffed with qualified professionals including nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), and certified medication technicians, ensuring residents receive comprehensive care and support.

    Staff-Resident Interaction

    Residents benefit from direct contact with staff members who are available as needed and also perform regular rounds to ensure resident needs are met promptly.

    Accessibility and Safety Features

    The facility is equipped with safety features such as pendants for emergencies. Although there is no memory care unit currently, one is planned to open in August 2024. The main entrance is secured at night, but residents and family members have key fob access for convenience and security.

    Move-In Assistance

    While the community has preferred move-in service providers, such as White Glove Solutions, these services are not included in the living costs and are priced separately based on the volume of belongings and distance.

    Transportation Services

    The community offers transportation with a van, minivan, and a bus driver for activities and appointments within a 10-mile radius, with additional charges applying beyond that distance.

    Dining Experience

    Residents enjoy a flexible dining experience with multiple menu options, including three meals a day and snacks.

    Resident Complaint Process

    Complaints are taken seriously, with an internal process in place. Residents typically approach the Move-in Coordinator with issues during their first 30 days, and the concerns are then directed to the appropriate department.

    Included Amenities

    For independent living, meal plans and additional services like extra cleaning are available for a fee. In assisted living, meals are included in the room rate. Utilities such as cable, phone, and internet are included in the cost of living for all residents.

    Salon Services

    The community offers salon services, with charges conveniently added to the resident's monthly invoice based on the services utilized.

    Insurance and Payment

    All costs are private pay, as the facility does not accept insurance for payment.

    Family Communication

    Communication with residents' families is maintained through calls, texts, emails, and regular updates from nurses. The community also sends out monthly newsletters to keep families informed.

    Respite Care

    Respite care options are available for short-term stays, with the cost depending on the duration (30, 60, or 90 days) and the level of care required. The apartments for respite care come furnished.

    Pet Policy

    Pets are welcome in the community, provided that the resident is capable of taking care of their pet independently.

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    Community Reviews

    The Fountains At Washington House
    Based on My Caring Plan's proprietary scoring, including 123 reviews across the web


  • Ranking in City: 14 out of 21 communities in Alexandria
  • Ranking in State: 468 out of 736 communities in VA
  • Food and Dining A

    Value for Price A

    Activities B

    Facility and Grounds A

    Care B

    Staff A

    Cleanliness A

    Employee Reviews

    Watermark Retirement Communities
    Based on My Caring Plan's proprietary scoring, including 640 reviews across the web

    The following insights are from employees that work in Virginia

    Employee Staff A

    Review Summary

    The following is an AI generated summary of the reviews of the community from across the web.

    Negative Reviews:

    • One review describes the facility as a "horror house" with incompetent and negligent staff, unfit food, and overall poor conditions.
    • Another review shares a distressing experience with a nurse attempting to release a patient without proper consent, causing trauma to the family.
    • Concerns about the facility being overwhelmed, with reports of unsafe conditions and a focus on profit over patient care.
    • Complaints about increasing costs and the facility's management prioritizing profit, leading to patients being discharged prematurely.
    • One reviewer reported encountering rude staff, including a director of nursing, and expressed concerns about the level of professionalism.
    • Reports of neglect and incompetence in the highest tier of care, with difficulties in communication and administration.

    Positive Reviews:

    • Several reviews praise specific staff members for their caring and professional approach, particularly in sales, marketing, and rehabilitation services.
    • Positive experiences with the dementia/Alzheimer's unit, where a family felt their loved one was safe and well-cared for.
    • Appreciation for the facility's efforts to keep families updated, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and for going above and beyond in communication.
    • Positive feedback on the facility's environment, describing it as warm and inviting, with high-quality food.
    • Independent and assisted living services received positive remarks, though the highest tier of nursing care was criticized.

    Mixed Reviews:

    • Some reviews highlight a mix of experiences, with positive interactions with certain staff members but overall concerns about the facility's management and care standards.
    • One review mentions the facility seems nice and residents like it, but lacks detail on specific aspects of care or services.


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    Trained nursing staff

    Senior wellness programs

    Resident care staff

    Preventative health screenings and education programs

    Pulmonary rehabilitation



    Weekly personal laundry, linen and towel service

    Weekly apartment cleaning

    Daily apartment pick up and straightening

    Maintenance services

    All utilities except cable TV and local phone service

    Housekeeping and linen services


    Dynamic calendar of classes, activities and outings

    Watermark University

    Custom fitness programs

    Cultural programs

    Creative arts studio

    Fitness classes

    Community Amenities

    Pet-friendly environment

    Wireless urgent call system

    Full service beauty salon and barber shop

    Well stocked library

    Computer center

    Internet access

    Room Amenities

    Modern kitchens and kitchenettes

    Frost-free refrigerator

    Electric oven and range

    Ample closet space

    Wireless resident emergency response system

    Resident call system


    Three meals per day

    Expert chefs

    Access to Gourmet Bites

    Restaurant style meals


    Catering and room service


    Transportation services

    Scheduled transportation services


    Pet-friendly community

    Information from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

    Nursing Home Ratings

    Overall rating: 2
    Health inspection rating: 2
    Staffing rating: 1
    Quality measure rating: 5
    Long-term quality measure rating: 5
    Short-term quality measure rating: 5

    Nursing Home Overview

    Participation date: Jan. 12, 1994
    Ownership type: For Profit
    Provider type: Medicare and Medicaid
    Nursing home capacity: 68
    Total current residents: None
    Facility is located in a hospital: No
    Automatic sprinkler system: Yes
    Resident and family council: Resident

    Facility Incident, Complaints and Fines

    Number of facility incidents: 0
    Number of substantiated complaints: 6
    Number of payment denials: 0
    Number of fines: 30
    Total cost of fines: $129295

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services give each Nursing Home a Star Rating from 1-5 with 5 being the highest.

    The graph below shows information from this Nursing Home as well as State and National averages over time.

    Use the dropdown below to view each data point

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services gather information about the number of hours of care provided on average to each resident each day by staff as well as the turnover of staff.

    The graph below shows information from this Nursing Home as well as State and National averages over time.

    Use the dropdown below to view each data point

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services tracks information around emergency department and hospital visits for residents of Nursing Homes.

    The graph below shows information from this Nursing Home as well as State and National averages over time.

    Use the dropdown below to view each data point

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services tracks information around quality measures for residents of Nursing Homes.

    The graph below shows information from this Nursing Home as well as State and National averages over time.

    Use the dropdown below to view each data point

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services tracks information around COVID-19 vaccination rates of Nursing Home residents and staff members.

    The graph below shows information from this Nursing Home as well as State and National averages over time.

    Use the dropdown below to view each data point

    Health and Fire Safety Deficiencies

    The Center for Medicare and Medicaid report health and fire safety deficiencies. Some of these deficiencies are more severe than others. The following table shows different levels of severity.

    Severity of Deficiency Isolated Pattern Widespread
    Immediate jeopardy to resident health or safety J K L
    Actual harm that is not immediate jeopardy G H I
    No actual harm with potential for more than minimal harm that is not immediate jeopardy D E F
    No actual harm with potential for minimal harm A B C

    Fire Safety Deficiencies

    Survey Date Correction Date Letter Category Description
    2021-02-04 2021-04-13 D Egress Deficiencies Add doors in an exit area that do not require the use of a key from the exit side unless in case of special locking arrangements.
    2021-02-04 2021-04-13 D Services Deficiencies Ensure that gas fire places are out of the reach of patients and can be shut off if unit is working improperly.
    2017-04-24 2017-06-06 D Construction Deficiencies Use approved construction type or materials.
    2017-04-24 2017-06-06 D Smoke Deficiencies Ensure that special areas are constructed so that walls can resist fire for one hour or have an approved fire extinguishing system.
    2017-04-24 2017-06-06 D Smoke Deficiencies Inspect, test, and maintain automatic sprinkler systems.
    2017-04-24 2017-06-06 D Smoke Deficiencies Ensure smoke barriers are constructed to a 1 hour fire resistance rating.
    2017-04-24 2017-06-06 D Services Deficiencies Have properly installed electrical wiring and gas equipment.
    2017-04-24 2017-06-06 D Electrical Deficiencies Ensure that building systems meet requirements determined by risk assessment procedures performed by qualified personnel.


    Fine Date Fine Amount
    2018-06-14 $59,150
    2019-11-20 $12,279
    2020-10-05 $655
    2020-12-14 $983
    2020-12-21 $1,310
    2021-03-01 $1,638
    2021-08-02 $1,950
    2021-08-02 $1,965
    2021-08-09 $2,275
    2021-08-09 $2,293
    2021-12-27 $2,600
    2021-12-27 $2,620
    2022-01-03 $2,948
    2022-01-03 $2,925
    2022-01-10 $3,250
    2022-01-10 $3,275
    2022-01-17 $3,618
    2022-01-17 $3,646
    2022-01-24 $3,976
    2022-01-24 $3,947
    2022-01-31 $4,257
    2022-01-31 $4,225
    2022-02-07 $4,257
    2022-02-07 $4,225
    2022-03-28 $4,257
    2022-03-28 $4,225
    2022-11-28 $13,636
    2022-11-28 $13,739
    2022-12-19 $4,580
    2022-12-19 $4,545
    2022-12-27 $4,545
    2022-12-27 $4,580
    2023-01-03 $4,580
    2023-01-03 $4,545
    2023-01-09 $4,580
    2023-01-09 $4,545
    2023-01-17 $4,580
    2023-01-17 $4,545
    2023-01-23 $4,545
    2023-01-23 $4,580
    2023-01-30 $4,545
    2023-02-06 $4,545
    2023-02-13 $4,545
    2023-02-21 $4,545
    2023-02-28 $4,545
    2023-03-06 $4,545
    2023-03-13 $4,545
    2023-03-20 $4,545
    2023-04-17 $13,636

    What is in the Neighborhood

    General Area Overview
    • The closest city is Baileys Crossroads which is 1.2 miles away and has a population of 23,643 (small town).
    • The average income is $73,089, which is high compared to other zip codes.
    • Weather
      • High Temperature: 83
      • Low Temperature: 37
      • Average Temperature: 60.9
      • Day Breakdown: The area gets 153 days of rain, 16 days of snow and 195 days of sun
      • Precipitation: 2.4 inches a year

    Demographic Overview
    • The median age is 36.6 years old, high compared to other cities.
    • 6.93% of the population are Veterans which is a very high percentage of Veterans compared to other cities.
    • 28.68% of the population are Foreign-born which is a high percentage of Foreign-born compared to other cities.
    • The population is 0% American Indian and Alaska Native, 7% Asian, 20% Black or African-American, 13% Hispanic or Latino, and 57% White.

    Health and Safety Overview
    • The crime rate is 5.13 per 100 people which is high compared to other cities.
      • Violent Crime: 1.35 incidents per 100 people
      • Property Crime: 2.99 incidents per 100 people
      • Drug-Related Crime: 0.17 incidents per 100 people

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    Al-Amal Super Market
    0.3 miles away
    0.6 miles away
    Global Food
    0.8 miles away
    Super Giant
    0.8 miles away
    Leyu Market
    1.0 miles away

    None Found

    Bus Stations

    Campus Lane East SB2
    0.1 miles away
    Campus Lane East SB
    0.1 miles away
    Braddock Road and Beauregard St
    0.1 miles away
    Campus Lane East NB2
    0.1 miles away
    Campus Lane East NB
    0.2 miles away


    PNC Bank
    0.7 miles away
    Bank of America
    0.8 miles away
    Wells Fargo
    1.3 miles away
    1.4 miles away
    1.4 miles away


    Inova Alexandria Hospital
    1.1 miles away
    Ballston urgent care
    3.1 miles away
    Dominion Hospital
    3.2 miles away
    Capital Caring - Halquist Memorial Inpatient Center
    3.5 miles away
    Virginia Hospital Center
    3.5 miles away


    CVS Pharmacy
    0.7 miles away
    0.8 miles away
    1.4 miles away
    C-More Drug Store
    1.7 miles away
    Rite Aid
    2.2 miles away


    Fairlington Dental
    0.9 miles away
    2.5 miles away
    Arlington dental aesthetics
    2.6 miles away
    Complete Dental
    2.7 miles away
    Dental Care
    2.8 miles away


    James Mulligan Park
    0.3 miles away
    Lucky Run Park
    0.4 miles away
    Sunset Manor
    0.5 miles away
    Fort Ward Park
    0.7 miles away
    Barcroft Park
    0.7 miles away

    Places of Worship

    Concordia United Church of Christ and Rectory
    5.6 miles away
    Central Presbyterian Church
    7.5 miles away
    Saint Mary of Sorrows Historic Catholic Church
    11.7 miles away
    Crossover Church
    12.3 miles away


    Former Landmark Mall
    1.6 miles away
    Shoppes of Foxchase
    1.7 miles away
    Landmark Mall
    1.7 miles away
    Alexandria Commons
    2.5 miles away
    Ballston Quarter
    2.8 miles away


    Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall & Arts Center (AS)
    0.2 miles away
    Signature Theatre
    1.3 miles away
    Lubber Run Amphitheater
    2.2 miles away
    2.8 miles away
    Del Ray Artisans
    3.0 miles away


    Fairouz Mediterranean Cafe
    0.3 miles away
    Clyde's At Mark Center
    0.6 miles away
    Olive Garden
    0.7 miles away
    Z Kabob
    0.7 miles away
    LongHorn Steakhouse
    0.7 miles away

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