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12 digital products for seniors living alone

Seniors living alone may need some extra support. Caregivers often prepare the home with senior-friendly mobility aids, such as grab bars and grip bath mats. However, digital products are just important to a senior’s well-being and safety. In this new digital era, these items can provide safety and comfort, as well as entertainment. To inspire your home preparations, we’ve put together a list of 12 digital products for seniors living alone. 

Digital product 1: Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is an excellent digital aide for seniors. It can provide companionship by answering senior questions and queries. At the same time, seniors can get key reminders such as medication alerts and stay connected to their favorite music, radio programs, audiobooks, sports matches, etc. It’s great for seniors who are immobile or vision-impaired, since Alexa is activated by voice. For seniors with dementia, Alexa also has a feature called My Life Story that plays “memories” that caregivers have set up in advance. 

Digital product 2: Smart pill dispenser

These pill dispensers are from the future. For example, the MedMinder gives seniors alerts to take their medications at the right time and with the right dosage. It’s accompanied by visual, audio and phone alerts, and notifies caregivers if a dosage is missed. It can be highly personalized with family photos and can be used to check up on a senior at home. There are plenty of interesting smart pill dispensers to choose from.

Digital product 3: Wearable smartwatch

Smartwatches are an all-in-one health tracker for seniors. Smartwatches like the Apple Watch 5 can track key health measures such as heart rate, step count and oxygen saturation. This watch also detects falls and provides emergency response as needed. Another plus is that a senior’s GPS location can be shared and text messages can be written via voice assistant. Getting a wearable for a senior can provide that extra layer of security and comfort. 

Digital product 4: Medical alert system

Some smartwatches can double as an emergency response system. However, if your senior isn’t tech-savvy or you want a simpler medical alert system, consider getting a device from Bay Alarm Medical, Mobile Help or Medical Guardian. They offer devices as simple as a button or even in-home systems for seniors to get help. The downside with these systems is that you’ll have to subscribe to a monthly plan. 

Digital product 5: Senior-friendly cell phone plan

Staying connected to your senior loved one can be difficult without the right cell phone plan. There are plenty of senior-friendly options out there! From cheap plans for occasional use to unlimited data plans, you can find the perfect plan that meets your senior’s needs. With it, you won’t have to worry that your loved one is out of minutes or doesn’t have data for a video call. 

Digital product 6: Smart alarm clock

If you don’t have an Alexa to double as an alarm clock, you might consider a smart alarm clock. They come in a range of easy-to-read styles for seniors. The benefit is that these alarm clocks are also voice assistants, who can give weather updates or daily news. At the same time, they can be programmed with personalized voice messages for alarms. For seniors who want to hear their family’s voices, this may be a nice touch while home alone. 

Digital product 7: Power lift chair

These specially made recliner chairs have a lift function that can transition seniors from sitting to standing. They can prevent injury, pain and bad posture. At the same time, this type of lift chair can boost mobility around the house, giving your loved one more independence. They’re not cheap, but they may be well worth the investment for your senior’s comfort. 

Digital product 8: Video doorbell

Keeping your loved one safe is a top priority. You can get peace of mind by getting a video doorbell that allows seniors and caregivers to take a look at who’s at the door from the comfort of a smartphone. This is a great idea for seniors or caregivers who use their smartphones regularly and like the idea of getting a peek before getting up to answer the door.  

Digital product 9: Senior-friendly vacuum

Cleaning is another key aspect of living alone. To keep your senior’s independence, consider getting a senior-friendly vacuum. These lightweight options can be cordless and ergonomically designed, making cleaning easy for seniors. Senior-friendly vacuums have a range of price points, so there’s something for everybody. 

Digital product 10: Tile Sticker trackers

These Tile Stickers can be placed on anything, such as remotes, glasses, keys or other items. These stickers connect to the device and then can be tracked via a cell phone app. This is a great idea for a forgetful senior who has trouble keeping track of important items. 

Digital product 11: Mobility scooter

If your senior suffers from lack of mobility and other aides like a cane or walker aren’t helping, you may consider a mobility scooter. These scooters can give your loved better quality of life, as seniors can do errands or enjoy outings with family. Mobility scooters range in size and price, depending on your needs. 

Digital product 12: Smart toilet seat or seat lift

Toileting is often a source of anxiety for seniors. You can make trips to the bathroom safer and more comfortable with a smart toilet seat. Features include lighting up the toilet for nighttime visits, heating the seat and bidet wiping modes. You might also consider a seat lift to help your senior get on and off the toilet more easily. 

Final takeaway

Preparing your loved one’s home can take time. Don’t forget about these key digital products to boost your senior’s safety, comfort and independence at home. The items can allow seniors to age in place with the dignity they deserve.

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