By authorizing this HIPAA release, you hereby give permission to My Caring Plan to act as your designee and to disclose any information, including information that may constitute protected health information or “PHI” under the Health   Insurance  Portability   and   Accountability   Act   of 1996 (“HIPAA”), to the following categories of individuals: 

Other third parties, including medical practitioners, emergency service providers, home care or ADL service providers, pharmacies, other My Caring Plan service providers for the sole purpose of providing services for you or your, or other corporate partners of  My Caring Plan for the purposes of securing reimbursement for the Care Recipient.  

My Caring Plan is authorized to identify itself as a representative of and will make disclosures at your request or for the purposes described in this document. You authorize My Caring Plan to use all means of communication including verbal communications, fax, internet, e-mail, web-portals, electronic services, and telephonic methods. You understand My Caring Plan is not a health care provider and does not practice medicine. This authorization will remain active for the duration of the relationship between you and My Caring Plan. 

If any legislation, regulation, or government policy is passed or adopted, the effect of which would cause either party to be in violation of such laws, then this authorization shall immediately terminate. 

You understand that you may revoke this authorization at any time in writing and understands that My Caring Plan does not provide medical treatment and is not a health care provider.