Top car handles for seniors

Getting in and out of cars can be a source of anxiety for seniors. Balance and lifting strength naturally decline with age, making it difficult to get in and out of a car. This is especially true for seniors who have had a hip or knee replacement, or those who have reduced muscular strength due to an underlying illness. However, you can easily adapt your family’s car to make this task more comfortable. Car door assist handles are simple yet effective tools for keeping your senior mobile. Let’s go over the top car handles for seniors, including features and tips, so the transition to and from your car is seamless. 

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Benefits of car handles for seniors

Why use a car door assist handle? Installing a car handle is a simple act that can positively benefit seniors. 

Besides preventing injury or falls, a car handle can boost a senior’s comfort. In turn, seniors may feel more independent by using a car handle for support. These small actions can make a big difference in a senior’s day-to-day life.

Features of car handles for seniors

Car handles come in different styles and specs. Before buying one, you should consider key features of car handles, such as:

  • Handle style: Some handles are straight, others looped. The design may be intended to attach to the side or the top of the door. You should also look at the texture. For example, comfortable handles have grooves and a rubber layer for grip. 
  • Comfort level: The handle should be ergonomically comfortable. Try to find a handle that fits your hand and has support grips. 
  • Adjustability: It’s a good idea to look for car handles for seniors that are adjustable. This way you can change the height and length according to your specific preferences. 
  • Easy installation: Car handles should be simple to install. Many hook onto the U-lock or above the door as a swinging handle. 
  • Size: Some handles are smaller than others. You’ll want to check the length to make sure it will be comfortable. 
  • Weight support: Car handles have weight support limits. Be sure to look into the weight support for each handle if this is a potential concern. 
  • Other included features: Some car handles are coupled with other features, including window breakers, seatbelt cutter, key safe, etc. You’ll notice these types of handles marketed as “3-in-1” tools or something similar.

Be on the lookout for these key features as you shop for car handles for seniors. 

Top car handles for seniors

You can’t go wrong with our list of top car handles for seniors. We’ve organized them by standard or hanging. 


Stander HandyBar

This car handle is a best-seller because of its no-slip grip and user-friendly design. It’s also a 3-in-1 tool that includes a window breaker and seatbelt cutter. 

AbleLife Auto Cane

AbleLife Auto Cane is another great choice for a senior. The support handle is comfortable with a non-slip grip. It supports 300 lbs. and comes in three different colors. 

Signature Life Assurance Car Handle

Another comfortable standard car handle is from Signature Life. The handle is senior-friendly and supports up to 350 lbs. It also comes with bells and whistles, including a spare key compartment and an LED flashlight. 

Emson Round Car Cane

The Emson Round Car Cane has a slightly unique shape. Instead of a bar, it comes in a rounded loop, which can help stability. It also has a built-in flashlight. 


Stander Car Caddie

This car caddie hangs from the top of a car window. It’s easy to install and has a non-slip rubber grip. It can be adjusted for length and supports 250 lbs. 

E-cowlboy Auto Cane

E-cowlboy is another hanging handle that’s non-slip and adjustable. Its design is attractive and ergonomic. It supports 350 lbs. 

Carperipher Front Grab Handles

This front grab handle has a slightly different design. This aluminum alloy bar is installed at the top of the car window. It’s strong, yet padded for comfort. This handle can remain hung in the car and doesn’t have to be removed after every use. 

Other car products for seniors

After finding the right car handle, you can deck out the rest of your car with other mobility aides. These can also be used to help a senior get in and out of a car, as well as make riding/driving more comfortable. These products include:

  • Headrest grab handles: These handles are hung on the back of the headrest. This helps senior passengers get in and out. Headrest handles are an affordable and easy-to-install option.
  • Swivel seat cushion: The swivel cushion helps seniors turn towards the car door to prepare to get out. It’s a comfortable way to keep seniors mobile in the car. 
  • Seatbelt extender: Depending on your senior’s needs, a seatbelt extender may be a good idea to make it easy to clip on and off. You can even get ergonomic seatbelts that aren’t difficult for arthritic joints to buckle. 
  • Folding step stool: If the car is quite high, a folding step stool can be stored in the car and taken out as needed. It folds small and can help ensure the safety of seniors going in and out of your car.

With these items, your car is ready for maximum comfort!

Other safety products for seniors

Now that your car is prepared for senior safety, you might consider doing the same for your house. A few key safety products you might want to consider include:

These items will make it safe and comfortable for your senior to get around the house.

Tips for car handles for seniors

Car handles are safe for seniors to use, but they do require some getting used to. It’s a good idea to show your loved one how to use the car handle and any extra features. You should make sure to test the car handle after installation. 

After testing and training on the car handle, you’ll be ready to zoom to your next errand or family outing!

Want more info on senior products and topics? My Caring Plan is your next stop. 

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