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The Best Places to Buy a Walker for the Elderly

If you are looking for a walker for an elderly loved one, you may be wondering where the best place to buy one is. There are many different places that sell walkers, and it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. In this blog post, we will discuss the best places to buy a walker for elderly loved ones. We will also provide information on what to look for when purchasing a walker. Read on to learn more about walkers.

Why Do People Use Walkers

Many people, including the elderly, use walkers to improve their mobility. Our muscles weaken as we age, and we’re more likely to fall. Using a walker can help seniors maintain their independence without fear of injury. Walkers are often prescribed by doctors when a person is no longer able to safely walk by themselves. A walker can help prevent falls and keep you stabilized as you go about your day. Some people only need walkers when they’re crossing long distances, while others may need them anytime they walk. Walkers are also sometimes used by people as they recover from an injury.

Many types of walkers are available, and your physician can advise you on the type that will meet your needs. For example, some walkers have rubber-capped feet, while walkers with wheels (called “rollators”) are also available. Many models are equipped with brakes at the handle for extra security.

Is a Walker a Permanent Need?

The answer to this question depends on the individual. Some people use walkers for the rest of their lives. Others may only need them for a short period of time. There are also some people who may use a walker and then move on to another mobility device, such as a scooter or a wheelchair. Communicating with your physician about your particular health needs is the best way to get a sense of your mobility strengths.

Places to Buy a Walker for the Elderly

When it’s time to shop for a walker for an elderly loved one, the task can seem daunting because there are so many potential places to buy one. From the big box stores to smaller independent retailers, there are plenty of options that offer a variety of styles and prices. Do some research online first, looking at reviews and customer feedback, and then head out to do some shopping in person. Ask about warranties and discounts as you explore your choices and narrow down the selection. Whichever place you choose for purchasing a walker for your elderly family member, be sure to pick one that meets their needs and fits their lifestyle.


Some of the most common places to purchase a walker are drugstores. CVS, Walgreens, and independent stores often have a fairly large selection of walkers. Most drugstores have models of walkers for sale both inside the store and online. One perk of purchasing your walker inside is that a pharmacist may be able to assist you with your purchase. You can also compare them side by side and get a sense of their height.

Box Stores

Chances are, you have several big box stores within just a few miles of your home. These stores typically offer dozens of walker models in-store and online. Walmart and Target are two of the most popular places to shop for low-cost products. Even if you don’t have one of these stores in your town, they deliver to virtually anywhere in the United States.

Medical Supply Stores

Search the medical supply stores in your area to find a variety of walkers to choose from. A perk of purchasing your walker from a medical supply store is that you can also buy any other medical items you need while you’re there. These stores are packed with many of the supplies seniors need for their day-to-day lives, so you’re able to stock up on much-needed items.


Scour online retailers and you’ll find hundreds of walkers for sale. Amazon, of course, offers a high number of options at a varying range of prices. Buying your walker online gives you many advantages. You have more of a selection, can research reviews, and can have the item delivered straight to your home. You can even watch YouTube videos of reviews for walkers so you can hear a clear explanation of the benefits of each one.

What You Should Look for In a Walker

When looking for a walker, it’s important to determine which model is best for you. If you need maximum support and stability, then an extended-base model may be the ideal choice. For those who are still adjusting to the idea of a walker, an adjustable height option provides just the right amount of versatility and comfort. Budget is also a concern for many seniors, so you will want to decide how much money you’re able to send on your walker.

And if luxury is the goal, adding accouterments like pouches or brakes can add a sense of style without compromising security. With so many options available, take your time in finding that perfect walker that meets all your needs and gives you confidence during every stride.

Walkers and Insurance

Did you know that Medicare will sometimes cover the purchase of a walker? Depending on your specific needs and your coverage, you might be able to rent or buy your walker through Medicare. Keep in mind that your doctor and your supplier must both be participating in Medicare. Additionally, you’ll need a prescription from your doctor for the device. Be sure to confirm with a Medicare representative that they will cover the cost before you purchase your walker, otherwise, you may not be reimbursed for it.


Maintaining your independence as a senior helps not your physical health but your mental health as well. If your doctor recommends that you begin using a walker, spend some time thinking about what you need. Sometimes, it might take one or two tries to find a walker that feels right for your needs. Don’t hesitate to check in with your doctor and let them know if you need help choosing the right walker.


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