The Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Staying fit and active is beneficial to one’s general health, no matter how old you are.

Physical activity, after all, can help avoid conditions like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. It can also help you sleep better and reduce your chances of experiencing depression or anxiety.

Reduced physical activity plays a significant role in the loss of strength and stamina that comes with age; therefore, regular exercise is especially crucial for older individuals.

Additionally, being physically active as you age can help you preserve your independence while also lowering your chance of falls or injury. Even activities like stretching and light cardio can help with flexibility and mobility in older age.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests at least two days of strength training each week for persons 65 and older. You could also include 150 minutes of light activity such as cardio (brisk walking or light jogging) or 75 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity (running or strength exercises) every week.

If you want to stay fit and follow the CDC’s recommendations, having some gym equipment can go a long way. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best gym equipment for seniors to suit your every need.

The Best Exercise Equipment for Your Home

Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is an excellent addition to any home gym since it can be used for yoga, weight training, Pilates, stretching, and more. It’s especially helpful for learning to maintain balance and stay mobile.

This mat is extremely thick at 6 mm, making it more comfortable than other mats, particularly on hard surfaces.

It’s also easier to stay upright in yoga positions because of the non-slip feel; however, some customers claim that it gets slick after sweaty exercises.

According to previous reviews, cleaning the mat before the first usage helps alleviate the slide, and if you still have difficulties, a yoga towel may be purchased for more grip.

The mat comes in a wide range of colors and designs to match your senior’s personal taste. In addition, an extra-long version is available for those who are taller. Another bonus is the free downloadable yoga workout that comes with the purchase of this mat.

Overall, the Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat is a terrific choice for any form of floor workout because it is both inexpensive and comfy. 

Sunny Health and Fitness Walking Treadmill

This Sunny Health & Fitness choice is one of the finest if you’re looking for a walking treadmill.

The machine has a lot of multi-grip rails, so it’s perfect for people who have trouble with their balance or mobility. It also features a low deck height, making getting on and off the treadmill more convenient.

Throughout your workout, the digital monitor shows calories burned, distance traveled, time, and speed. This treadmill, however, does not include heart rate sensors, unlike others on the market.

This treadmill also doesn’t have an inclination setting, so if you want to perform a hill exercise, this isn’t the equipment for you.

However, if your senior prefers walking over jogging, it’s a fantastic option. It may also be a good choice if your senior is recovering from an injury, though it’s important to clear any activity with a doctor or physical therapist first.

This treadmill is significantly less expensive, smaller, and lighter than others out there. It even comes with transport wheels on the front so that you can move it if needed.

Just keep in mind that as the max speed is capped at 5 mph (8 kph), the treadmill can only be used for walking and light jogging.

Some customers find it challenging to set up, so you may want to pay for expert assembly. Otherwise, overall reviews are positive for this product.

Bowflex Select Tech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

If you’re low on space, adjustable dumbbells are ideal since they combine various sets of weights into one small instrument.

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 is a particularly attractive option for many people because it replaces 15 pairs of weights and has a simple dial mechanism for adjusting the weight.

The dumbbells come in weight weights ranging from 5 pounds (2.3 kg) to 52.5 pounds (23.8 kg), allowing you to progressively increase your weight without having to buy a new set.

While the SelectTech 552 may appear to be pricey, it’s actually rather reasonable when you consider the cost of 15 sets of dumbbells separately.

It’s worth noting, though, that while this adjustable dumbbell set is larger than standard dumbbells and may be uncomfortable to use during some workouts.

The Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors with Bad Knees

Pelpo Adjustable Weight Bench

The leg press on this adjustable weight bench allows the user to simulate natural leg motions by placing the foot on the machine and putting it in motion. It imitates normal movements humans do daily, such as standing and sitting.

This low-impact knee workout equipment gradually builds muscles and relieves pressure on knee joints. It’s is an excellent choice for seniors recovering from knee injuries or other sorts of leg aches and pains since it isolates and trains particular muscles.

While some websites, including Amazon, may advertise this product as a great machine to get a full-body workout, please note that this doesn’t do as good of a job working your entire lower body as it does for your knees.

Concept 2 RowErg Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is an excellent piece of fitness equipment for training and strengthening the entire body.

Users must strap their feet in, sit on a sliding seat, and simulate the movement of rowing a boat using rowing machines. The user adjusts the resistance to their preferences, then pulls the bar toward their stomach while pressing their feet forward to lengthen their back. 

This product type is excellent for increasing arm, back, and leg strength without putting additional strain on the knees.

To build upper-body strength, just alter the resistance settings to increase friction and add extra weight. This is usually accomplished by pressing a button.

The Best Sitting Exercise Equipment for Seniors

LANOS 2-in-1 Folding Exercise Bike

The LANOS 2-in-1 Folding Exercise Bike is a one-of-a-kind machine that can be used as both an upright and a reclining bike.

As a result, the upright bike version comes with a backrest, which is a nice feature if you need or prefer it.

The bike can also be folded and stowed, making it ideal for tiny places. It’s also lightweight, so you may relocate it to another room in your house if necessary.

With ten resistance levels to choose from, this machine is suitable for people of all fitness levels.

The LANOS 2-in-1 contains heart rate sensors on the handlebars, a device holder, and an LCD screen for measuring performance metrics, including speed, distance, time, heart rate, and calories burnt.

The company claims that no tools are necessary for assembly and that the entire operation should take no more than 30 minutes. This assertion is backed up by user reviews, which state that setting up the bike is straightforward and quick.

Customers are generally pleased with their purchase, while some have reported hearing a loud pounding sound when the machine is in operation.

While the bike is inexpensive, it should be noted that it only has a 90-day warranty period.

Teeter FreeStep LT3 Recumbent Cross Trainer

The Teeter FreeStep LT3 Recumbent Cross Trainer combines the support of a recumbent bike with the action of an elliptical. It’s designed particularly for persons with joint concerns or those recuperating from hip or knee surgery.

The seat is adjustable and has three reclining settings for maximum comfort, and the handlebars are likewise adjustable to fit riders of various heights.

The pedal movement pattern is another distinct feature. The pedals travel more vertically, like a stepper machine, instead of in a circular or extended gliding movement.

Consequently, the FreeStep maintains your hips steady and prevents your knees from crossing your toes, making the action more pleasant if you have joint discomfort or limited mobility.

Three difficulty levels, a tablet holder, and a tiny screen for tracking time, distance, speed, and calories burnt are all included in the trainer.

Keep in mind, though, that assembly is a little difficult with this cross trainer, and it is quite expensive, although a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA) are viable options for payment if you have them.

The Best Portable Exercise Equipment for Seniors

BodyBoss 2.0 – Full Portable Home Gym

A fold-up base, a resistance bar, two resistance bands, two ankle straps, two grasp handles, and one door anchor are included in the BodyBoss 2.0 Full Portable Home Gym.

You’ll also receive a complimentary training program to assist you in getting started with your new home gym.

When you start experimenting with the BodyBoss 2.0 Full Portable Home Gym, you’ll soon find that it can be used in place of a squat rack, bench press, punching bag, and free weights, enabling you to mimic your favorite gym program at home.

When you’re done working out with your BodyBoss 2.0 Full Portable Home Gym, pack it up for easy storage. It features built-in handles, making it simple to carry despite its 16-pound weight.

TRX All-in-One Suspension Trainer

The TRX All-in-One Suspension Training Fitness System is a great method to get a full-body exercise in a small area, giving it a high score in terms of portability.

A suspension trainer strap, a door anchor, a suspension anchor, a 35-page exercise plan, and a compact mesh bag to store your equipment are included in the bundle.

The workout system is lightweight, weighing only 1.7 pounds, making it easy to transport. The suspension trainer strap, which has built-in grips on both ends, is the cornerstone of the TRX suspension system.

For upper-body training, the handles may be utilized as grips. During lower-body activities, they can be used as foot cradles.

You don’t have to worry about the strap falling out of position mid-workout since it’s fitted with a proprietary locking loop in the center.

You may use your suspension trainer strap inside or outside because the training model has two separate anchors. Attach the door anchor to any locked door inside your home and the suspension anchor to any robust exterior structure, such as poles, pillars, or trees.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve identified exactly what type of machine your senior needs, try to examine and experiment with as much of the above equipment as possible so that your senior can choose what they like best. Most of the machines have warranty periods and return policies, so you can always exchange or return them if you feel you need something else.

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