A watch, a credit card, and a few other gifts for men

Gifts For Older Men

Gifts are symbolic of your care and thoughtfulness towards someone in your life. Recipients can always look back on a fond memory when they remember your gift, which is a beautiful thing to share with anyone. 

There are no creative limits to what you can gift someone. In this article, we will give you some ideas for when you are looking to give a gift to an older man. 

Best Gifts For Older Men

If you do it right, a gift can form a sacred memory between you and the person the gift is for. It may be exactly what you give in order to show someone that you always listen to them, and you took the effort to really think about it and find something special.

  1. Interest-related gifts: These gifts are based on a specific interest that the older man may have. They may have picked up a new hobby that they do not have a lot of tools or supplies for yet, or they may have expressed that they have been meaning to start working on a new passion. Buying a gift in this situation shows that you are really listening to them, and care about helping them achieve their goals. 
  2. Gifts that can help with health issues: Many older men may have health issues like mobility or weakness problems. They may already have items that help them with their health problems, in which case you can upgrade them and buy them a new device. Items like rollators or electric wheelchairs may not sound like a typical gift idea, but they can drastically improve an older man’s day-to-day life. When buying a personal gift like this, it is best if you know the recipient well, as not everyone may be comfortable receiving a gift like this from someone they do not know very well. 
  3. Technology-based gifts: Technology is continually developing to make daily life more comfortable, even for older people. There are many products out there that are specifically designed for older adults. 
  4. Self-care and beauty gifts: Everyone likes to feel pampered sometimes. There can be a misconception that men never appreciate gifts like these, which is far from the truth. They may love to receive a cologne, skincare catered to men, or new hair care, beard care, or cosmetic products. 
  5. Comfort gifts: Blankets, scarves, and slippers are all great items to gift someone for their comfort. Such gifts are typically used very often and for a long time, so they will always remember it was a gift from you! 
  6. Handmade gifts: Handmade gifts are one of the most unique and special ways you can express your appreciation for someone. Making a painting, making a vase with your hands, writing a heartfelt letter in a personalized card, knitting a quilt, are just a few ways you can make a beautiful gift for someone you care about. 

Christmas Gifts for Older Men

An Online Class

Many people have a lot of free time on their hands during the holiday season. People may find themselves stuck at home often because of the cold outside and they may quickly run out of things to do. Older men, or anyone for that matter would likely appreciate a subscription for a class. They may have been meaning to learn guitar, or to learn to cook better. There are a plethora of great classes on the Internet. There are masterclasses in cooking from Gordon Ramsey, websites like SkillShare for learning beginner-level guitar, or websites like iTalki for learning a language with a native speaker. Giving someone the gift of learning is very thoughtful!

A Photo Album

While Christmas time is supposed to be for cherishing loved ones and spending quality time with them, many people unfortunately may not be able to do this. Families may live far away, or busy schedules may get in the way of spending time together. This can really make someone feel down and alone during a time they should be relaxing and having fun. If you know an older man who is going through this, an album of memories can be a thoughtful way of helping an older man get through a difficult Christmas. If you are giving a gift to an older man in your family, a gift like this can be a reminder to them that even when you may not be able to see them often during the other months of the year, they are always in your heart and thoughts. 

Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are hard to beat. They are a product of time, dedication, and a lot of affection from the person who is making it. Handmade gifts can be very touching and evoke a positive emotional response in the recipient of the gift. Knitted items, artwork, and cards are all great, timeless gifts, but they may also seem repetitive during Christmas. 

You can always get a bit more creative:

  • Sculpt a wooden desk ornament yourself
  • Handmake a few jars of fruit concentrates 
  • Knit them a new stocking for their fireplace
  • Write a song, or learn their favorite piece on the piano to play for them

Making something with your own hands and investing your own time is a great way to show someone you love just how much you care about them! 

During Christmas, which is a time of family and reunion, but also stressful gift buying, many people can get swept up in the stress of buying gifts on time, and not put a lot of thought into what they are buying. Gifting something handmade amidst all that buzz can set your present apart and really symbolize just how much you care about the recipient. 

Birthday Gifts for Older Men

A Way to Spend Time with Family

Sometimes gifting someone an experience can be better than a physical gift, as it is something that lives in their memories. A lot of older men may have grandchildren that they wish to spend time with more often, but can seldom do so. Their families may be busy, a long distance can sit between them, or there may just not be something that the whole family is interested in doing together. If you are part of the family, taking the initiative to arrange an outing for an older man to spend time with his children and grandchildren is as thoughtful as it gets. You can even plan a surprise, if the older man does not mind them, or is healthy enough to handle the feelings of surprise. Chances are, he will always remember the day with a smile on his face. 

A Pet

This is a hugely life-changing gift that takes a lot of prior planning. Pets are commitments so it is important to be sure that the recipient will be able to take care of them. This is a great gift if you have listened to someone mention they always wanted a pet, or that they might adopt one in a few months. You can take the initiative and adopt a bit early for them as a surprise. It is best to coordinate with someone that lives with the older man you are gifting to, like their spouse or a friend. Dogs or cats can make steady, furry companions and bring immense joy to someone’s life. 

Gifts for Older Men Who Travel

Many older people like to travel. It is also quite common, as when people retire or have more time on their hands, travel can seem more feasible than it may have before. If that is the case, then the older man is likely on the move very often, and cannot carry heavy decorative gift items. Fortunately, there are many gift ideas that are travel-friendly. 

A Travel-Size Self-Care Kit

Most people find packing toiletries or items of skincare/beauty/grooming annoying. It is difficult to pack a handful of large bottles or tubes of product into an already overflowing suitcase. Furthermore, large volumes of fluid are not allowed on planes. Purchasing a travel-sized kit for skincare, perfume, or a grooming kit will be much appreciated and will likely be used on the gift recipient’s next travel adventure. 

Travel Journals

Anyone who loves traveling will have a lot of amazing stories to tell about new things they experienced and places they loved visiting. You can buy them a travel-friendly notebook or journal for them to write down their travel experiences, stick pictures, and save memories. This is a great, thoughtful gift for someone to keep their memories in a safe place to look back on fondly in the future. You can get them a beautiful pen to go along with the book too. You can even get creative and make the notebook yourself. There are many ways you can use old recycled paper to make new notebook pages for someone to use. This can give the journal a rustic, archaic feel, that many older men may love. 


There are many amazing gift ideas to choose from when buying for an older man. Buying gifts for people can be a difficult task sometimes, especially if they insist that they have no need for anything, but if you pay close attention to their interests, likes, dislikes, and opinions, chances are you will find the perfect gift. 

At the end of the day, regardless of what you are gifting, it is important that it comes from the heart and expresses a genuine appreciation for the recipient.

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