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Free legal services for seniors

Seniors have rights – and often need legal assistance, whether regarding justice, crime, guardianship, advance directives or elder abuse. If you need legal resources or pro bono assistance, we’ve put together a list of organizations with free legal services for seniors. Your search for legal assistance can start with these reliable, senior-focused organizations.

1. Justice in Aging

Justice in Aging is an organization dedicated to fighting senior poverty. They focus on health care, economic security and litigation. They advocate for seniors using legal tools, as well as offering a range of resources and training on senior poverty reduction. They partner with advocates and pro bono attorneys to help seniors find justice and legal services for seniors.

2. Elder Justice

Elder Justice works to build a stronger future for seniors and those with disabilities. Their Administration for Community Living (ACL) and Office of Elder Justice and Adult Protective Services (OEJAPS) work to provide grants and develop systems to prevent elder abuse, as well as support seniors overall. They have significant legal services for seniors available that may help them access long-term care and fight any challenges to their independence and financial security. They also provide counseling on pensions and benefits.

3. Law for Seniors

Law for Seniors offers free or reduced legal services for seniors. You can apply easily on their site. They also advocate for seniors with resources on law and government, including guides and videos. You can find a ton of resources on key topics such as elder abuse, health care, housing and social security.

4. Office for Victims of Crime – Crimes Against Older Adults

The Office for Victims of Crime has a slightly broader focus, but they fight crime against older adults. They keep records on crime trends against seniors, including figures on abuse, maltreatment, injuries and identity theft. This is a great place to get resources and data on crimes against seniors.

5. National Guardianship Association

Guardianship is one of the major issues for seniors. The National Guardianship Association protects elders by setting guardianship standards, educating towards ethical guardianship and protecting guardians and wards. They have an excellent section about guardianship issues, as well as a guardian finder feature.

6. MedlinePlus – Advance Directives

Advance Directives are another area of concern. This guide from MedlinePlus brings together legal services for seniors in order to plan advance directives – in Spanish and English. It’s a good place to start for free advice on advance directives that could impact your health care.

7. National Center on Elder Abuse

The National Center on Elder Abuse has four arms to fighting elder abuse: research, practice, policy and education. They have plenty of resources to look over, as well as guides about reporting abuse. 

8. SAGE – LGBT Elder Hotline 

Finally, if you’re an LGBT senior, the LGBT Elder Hotline is another key resource. LGBT seniors facing discrimination or other issues can contact the hotline for help. Several organizations are dedicated to fighting for LGBT senior rights, including the LGBT Bar, Lambda Legal and Pride Legal. Contact these organizations for potential pro bono assistance and legal services for seniors.

9. Local and state organizations

Depending on your place of residence, you might also find other resources locally. Be sure to contact your local Area Agencies on Aging, as they might have close contact with these types of organizations. You can also go to your state-level .gov site and see if they list any special resources or services for seniors.

Final takeaway

At the end of the day, these free legal services for seniors will help guide you on legal matters. But you might also consider getting an elder law attorney or a geriatric care manager to help you navigate the process. 

We also have an ultimate list of resources for seniors with even more links to senior-oriented organizations. Be sure to check out this information for more, too.


  1. Justice in Aging, justiceinaging.org
  2. Elder Justice, elderjustice.acl.gov
  3. Law for Seniors, www.lawforseniors.org
  4. Crimes Against Older Adults, Office for Victims of Crime, ovc.ojp.gov
  5. National Guardianship Association, www.guardianship.org
  6. Advance Directives, MedlinePlus, medlineplus.gov
  7. National Center on Elder Abuse, ncea.acl.gov
  8. LGBT Elder Hotline, SAGE, www.sageusa.org

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