Best Home Call Doctor Services

The COVID-19 pandemic saw many people skipping doctor’s visits in exchange for quarantining themselves in their homes. This conflict between a need for care but a lack of traditional resources to provide it has led to an unexpected benefit: the ability to access health services from more and more places.

These days, people can remain safe while taking care of themselves through home call doctor services and telehealth appointments. 

Companies worldwide report high numbers of televisits per day. Also, various home call doctor services try to cater to as many people in their area as possible. 

So, as the pandemic persists, it is natural for people to rely on home call doctor services or seek out virtual appointments. Some may even want to know the basic overview of their senior health insurance before seeking remote or in-person visits.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from for in-person and virtual checkups. If you are curious to learn more about who these services are for and factors to consider in selecting the best service, keep reading!

What Should I Look for In Home Call Doctor Services?

If you opt for home call doctor services, you’ll likely want to focus on looking for networks that are accessible and easy to use. 

Important factors to consider include:

  • Geographic locations. On-demand house calls may not be available for every part of the country or world. Each network’s website may illustrate which parts of the world it covers, so be sure to look into what’s available to you.
  • Available services. Health care on-demand networks may offer different services depending on available staff. For example, some sites may incorporate urgent care, medication management, and mental health as part of their suite of services.
  • Wait time. A significant deciding factor can involve how long you have to wait before seeing someone. The appeal of on-demand house calls is its convenience, so if a service is taking longer than expected to send out a doctor, you may want to look elsewhere.

How Accessible is Telehealth?

For those who have limited access to home call doctor services, telehealthcare options may be ideal. Regardless of how you choose to use it, telehealthcare (accessing traditional healthcare services via an online format, like video calling) is accessible through various mediums. 

A healthcare plan associated with an employer, for instance, may have a telemedicine program that both employees and their families can benefit from. 

However, if your insurance does not cover telemedicine visits, you may have to pay a flat fee. 

Apart from employer-based health insurance, a growing number of walk-in retail clinics are providing video consultations that can help you contact a healthcare provider from the comfort of your home. 

CVS, for example, maintains over 1,000 MinuteClinics inside its retail locations. The clinics offer 24/7 video visits for $59, which is not covered by insurance.

Retail chains are not the only businesses integrating with telemedicine capabilities, as more and more technology companies are opening their physical and digital doors to all patients. 

Some networks may be located in multiple cities, boasting dozens of clinics. One Medical, for example, accepts insurance but requires an additional $199 fee to use its services. 

Best Home Call Doctor Services

Once you’ve established what’s available in your area (for example, is it easier to rely on services that mostly use telehealth to provide care, or might you access more in-person care instead?), you can begin to choose a specific service that works for you.

Below are some of our favorite, top-rated home call doctor services, many of which utilize a combination of digital and in-person options to give patients the experience they need.


This service sends medical teams to your home, equipped with sanitized materials and protective gear to curb the spread of COVID-19 and make you feel safe. To schedule an appointment, you can contact DispatchHealth via phone, mobile app, or the website. 

Within a few hours of the request, the network says a team will arrive at your place promptly. According to the organization, the medical team will have a medical kit with most tools and technology traditionally found in the ER.

After the care period, the doctors may call in for prescriptions, update your primary care provider and even handle the billing with your insurance company. Also, DispatchHealth can test for COVID-19, with the results taking upwards to five days for it to be processed.  

Employ Health 

The Nashville-based company strives to make health care convenient and efficient by providing on-site services to various businesses. If your company’s health insurance plan works with Employ Health, you can get comprehensive care for urgent issues, including earaches, and get care for chronic problems.

Furthermore, Employ Health lets its users schedule virtual visits if an in-person demand service is not convenient for whatever reason. The sessions are 24/7, and the company will get your urgent needs addressed regardless of when or where you need them.

However, Employ Health only caters to smaller businesses; you may not qualify if you work for a larger company. Also, the service is not available for individual users since companies must have a contract with Employ Health for its employees to use it.


Heal offers in-person visits addressing medical issues, along with nutritional and mental health concerns, among others. Also, doctors can meet family members and personalize health plans after performing safety checks. 

You can book an appointment through the Heal app, website, or by calling them at (844)- 530-4325. You can also choose your favorite Heal doctor as your primary care provider, ensuring that they help you during your future appointments. 

For house calls, Heal doctors will:

  • Wear protective face masking,
  • Properly sanitize their medical equipment,
  • Meet in a well-ventilated room, such as a backyard.

If you still feel uncomfortable with in-person visits, Heal provides a telehealth option as well. Also, appointments are available 365 days a year. 

Best Telehealth Services

If in-person home healthcare is inaccessible or risky for you or your senior, telehealth services can help provide them with the care they deserve without sacrificing resources. Examples to consider might include:

Sesame Care

The network provides same-day appointments for a quick health visit. 

In addition, Sesame Care’s trained professionals specialize in various fields of medicine. Some of them include skin care, men’s health, and sleep wellness. At Sesame Care, mental health is as important as physical health for all ages; mental health appointments are readily available on the website.

Prices vary by location and with whom you schedule a video visit. For example, some available doctors have a starting price of $29, with more experienced individuals charging $165 for appointments.

During the visits, doctors may assess symptoms and bring up prescriptions if they recommend it in their professional opinion. However, they cannot order a prescription for controlled substances. 

Also, it’s vital to note that if your senior is experiencing any emergencies, such as breathing problems or physical pain, it is recommended that you and your senior seek in-person care as soon as possible.    


Another telehealth option, Virtuwell, asks consumers to describe their symptoms via an online interview. Virtuwell will then review your answers, and if it can help treat your condition, a nurse receives the report. 

Then, the nurse creates a treatment plan, and the network guarantees the treatment’s success or a refund. 

Some conditions that are eligible for Virtuwell include:

  • colds and flu, 
  • skin conditions, 
  • allergies. 

In addition, the service costs $59 without insurance, a cheaper alternative compared to its competition.

Doctor on Demand 

With Doctor on Demand, patients can add doctors to their list of favorites and choose them again after their first consultation for future appointments. 

The initial starting price for connecting with a doctor is $75. If you want to see someone about mental health services, the price bounces up to $299 for a 45-minute session. However, Doctor on Demand boasts that its services cover nearly 100 million Americans by their employer’s health plan.  

Even if you do not have a desktop, Doctor on Demand has an app exclusively on Apple’s App Store. From there, you can schedule an appointment and connect face to face with a professional from your iPhone or iPad. You can chat with a doctor every day of the year, including weekends and holidays.


Taking care of your health matters so much during and after a pandemic. A way to improve your and your senior’s health, even more, is to consider home call and telehealth doctor services.

While telehealth appointments serve to see doctors when you cannot move from the home, the digital format prohibits professionals from conducting physical checkups. If you feel safe and ready, you can try making home call doctor services so they can perform more thorough procedures. 

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