Best Adult Diapers 2021

Adult diapers are often used when caring for someone who has incontinence. The best adult diapers are a useful item that many people use and require regularly. They are often also referred to as adult briefs. They are most commonly known to be used for older adults, but they can also be useful for younger adults. It may be used for those who have urinary or bowel continence, which can be caused by a medical condition, childbirth, or surgery. 

We are often asked, as a trusted source for caregivers, about the best adult diapers that are on the market, and what to look out for. In this article, we will highlight some of the best choices for adult diapers in several categories. 

How to Choose The Best Adult Diaper

There are certain things that need to be kept in mind when looking for adult diapers since there are many different variations, sizes, and types out there. 

There are two types or ‘styles’ of adult diapers:


These kinds of diapers are ‘pulled up’ the legs rather than secured with taped strips at the side. They have an elastic waistband most of the time. They tend to be less bulky, and fit like underwear. 

Diapers with tabs

These are useful when the person using the diaper has difficulty pulling up a diaper and requires something that can go around a bit more easily, whether it’s by them or by a caregiver. They tend to be more fitted around the leg as well. 

Additionally, products for incontinence can be disposable or non-disposable. There are also many variations and options that can be used other than a traditional style adult diaper, such as booster pads, or combining booster pads with diapers, etc. 

Options to Consider

Finding the perfect adult diaper at the first go can be difficult, so you can try out a few, as a trial and error approach, to find the one that works best for you. Here are a few things to look out for when buying an adult diaper. 


The comfort of a diaper also largely depends on its size. Even if the diaper is only slightly bigger or smaller than it needs to be, it can cause a lot of problems. If it’s too small, it can feel extremely tight against your skin, which can be uncomfortable or even cut off blood supply. It can also cause overflow. If the diaper is too large, then there is a big chance of leakage out the sides as it does not sit snugly enough. 


A diaper needs to be very efficient at absorbing and retaining moisture, or it will lead to discomfort and other issues like rashes and infections, which can deteriorate skin health. 

This is why choosing a diaper that has breathable material and lining that won’t irritate the skin, but is highly absorbent, is important. However, compromising comfort for very high absorbency (which is not always necessary in cases of light incontinence) may not be the best way to go, as it is equally important that the diaper fits well.

Convenience for caregiver

Many times, a caregiver is in charge of changing an adult diaper. This should also be considered when buying an adult diaper. It should be easily removable, and not require highly frequent changes (it should retain moisture well). Many adult diapers also come with tabs that have wetness indicators on them, making it easier for the caregiver to know when a change is due.


Urinary and fecal incontinence both call for different features from adult diapers. Buying plastic-backed adult diapers can be the best way to go for fecal incontinence, as it will lock odor, prevent leakage, and can even be lighter than other products. Urinary incontinence, especially when it is light, can often be managed with absorbent underwear style briefs that are not as heavy-duty as other diapers. 

Best Overnight Adult Diapers 

Overnight adult diapers should be able to retain high amounts of fluid while also trapping moisture so that it does not irritate the skin. This will also reduce leakage and provide overall comfort. They should also be able to lessen the number of times a change is required. 

Here are some of the best overnight adult diapers you can buy. 

Tranquility Premium Overnight Disposable Absorbent Underwear 

Tranquility is a brand you may see quite often when looking for adult diapers. This specific product of theirs is especially quick-absorbent and is said to have good odor control. They are also easy to remove as they have sides that can be torn away. This is often recommended for urinary as well as fecal incontinence. They are said to be able to hold up to 34 ounces of liquid. 

It is a pull-up type diaper, and can be used for both men and women. 

Learn more about tranquility premium overnight disposable absorbent underwear here

Molicare Super Plus Overnight

This diaper is good at containment due to its anti-leak cuffs, while providing as much comfort as possible. It has a three-part absorbent core which would help with odor control and skin health and its padded panels make it comfortable to wear. 

This is a tape on diaper, and can be used for both men and women. 

Find the Molicare Super Plus Overnight here

Best Adult Diapers for Women

Many women experience problems with incontinence which can call for the use of adult diapers. Women can also experience temporary incontinence postpartum. Here are some of the best adult diapers for women:

Tena Women Protective Underwear 

This brand of disposable underwear for women is designed for moderate to heavy incontinence, which makes it a reliable choice for most people. It is made from a soft, cotton-like material, and made to resemble normal underwear as much as possible, catering to most women’s comfort needs. Tena is one of the brands that will show up quite often when looking for adult diapers. 

Learn more here

Depend Underwear for Women

This product is marketed as incontinency underwear specifically for women. It has a comfortable fit, as it is form-fitting, and sits close to the body like underwear. It is absorbent, and locks moisture. Depend products come in a range of absorbencies, which can be chosen based upon the frequency and amount of incontinence. 

Browse your options here

Best Adult Diapers for Men 

Depend for Men Incontinence Underwear

Depend also caters towards men in their incontinence products. The underwear uses a ‘Confidence Core’ technology that makes the product highly suitable for men. The leg openings also are very similar to those of regular underwear, making movement more fluid and comfortable. 

Here is their array of products. 

Prevail PF-512 Protective Underwear

This product promises odor control, discreet protection and breathability, while keeping the skin healthy. The per-fit line is unisex but caters well to whoever uses it. This is another popular brand for adult diapers. 

Find this product here. 

Best Adult Cloth Diapers 

Ibex Ultra Fitted Briefs

This product is designed to be for overnight use, and is machine washable and dryable, making it more cost-effective than disposable diapers. They are a great product even for heavy incontinence. 

The entire brief is covered with a vinyl-knit material that helps prevent leakage. It also comes with gathers on the legs which provide more protection against leakage. Leg gathers are pieces of fabric that run along the leg openings in diapers which help catch leaks. The product also comes with metal snaps located at the leg and waist openings that add to the overall security and snugness. 

Since they are rated for overnight use, they may feel a bit bulkier and not as form-fitting as other disposable alternatives. 

Click here to see more. 

Best Adult Diapers With Tabs

Diapers with tabs are especially helpful to caretakers as they allow for ease in changing. These are also helpful for those with low mobility, who may not be able to stand for a pull-up style diaper. These diapers may not be well-suited to those who are seeking protection for mild or moderate incontinence. They also may not suit those with a more active lifestyle, who are looking for something more discreet and flexible. 

Abena Abri-Form Premium Diapers with Tabs, L3

This tab style diaper is designed for heavy incontinence. It has a breathable backsheet that promotes comfort and skin health. It has flexible side panels, double adhesive tabs, and hooks that can be refastened and make repositioning easier. The leg gathers are elastic. These diapers are disposable. 

You can find them here

Prevail Bariatric Briefs with Tabs, Ultimate

These are diapers designed for bariatric patients. They are unisex and offer maximum absorbency. The tabs are reusable which means adjustments can be made without taking out an entirely new brief, which can save a lot of time and money. The outer fabric is cloth-like, making it comfortable. 

Find the product here


Adult diapers can be very helpful to a patient as well as the caregiver, as they help manage incontinence effectively. With the range of adult diapers and briefs available, it is important to look out for the ones that fit your needs the best, so it can make your loved one’s life as well as yours a bit easier.

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