Meet our authors

Our authors come from a range of backgrounds, from doctors to personal care experiences

Mary Siobhan Brier

Siobhan Brier is a full-time freelance writer in both English and Spanish. Her writing experience focuses mainly in psychological and relationship advice, writing for ReGain.Us and BetterHelp. She has also written extensively about the health benefits of CBD, and she maintains a pro-age makeup blog for older women called Fiera. She has lived outside of the US for the last four years, in the Galapagos Islands, Buenos Aires, then Colombia. She recently completed her first full-length novel, Equator.

Siobhan’s writing has blended with her personal life. In recent months she has written in large part about her grandparents, especially her recently deceased grandmother, Joan. As Joan battled dementia for years before her passing, her caregiver, Avis, made an enormous difference in both her life and the life of her family. Especially due to her personal connection with caregiving, dementia, products for aging people, and senior living, Siobhan feels a sense of gratitude and responsibility when it comes to writing for My Caring Plan.

Ninutsa Nadirashvili

Nina is currently a gender studies Master’s student at the University of York in England, U.K. When she is not reading Simone De Beauvoir or other feminist philosophers, she likes to eat pizza, write poetry, and play her guitar. Through her interest in human rights, she has also been learning about issues seniors face around the world. So she is very excited to be combining her love of writing with topics that can help caregivers and their elderly loved ones.

Nadia Hlebowitsh

Nadia is a content writer for My Caring Plan and has written over 50+ articles related to caregiving and senior care. She also writes for a range of industries including tech, travel, business and health.

Martin Duggan, DO

Dr. Duggan is a licensed and practicing physician working out of Missouri in the US. He sees patients from home for a telemedicine start-up and enjoys writing, editing, and reviewing healthcare-related content in his spare time. He believes strongly in the practice of Evidence-Based Medicine and is dedicated to improving communication between people and their doctors. Dr. Duggan graduated from Villanova University with a BA in Humanities and a Concentration in Healthcare Ethics. He graduated with honors from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed 4 years of advanced residency training at a Cleveland Clinic Facility in Akron, OH.