Stretching Exercises for Seniors

Man and Woman Stretching

Stretching exercises as part of a daily routine can have measurable health benefits. As our bodies age, we are compounding years of use, injury and in some cases neglect. Though some of these effects will not be reversible, it is possible to help your body maintain flexibility and fluidity with a regular routine of stretching […]

Low-Income Housing For Seniors

Lady drinking tea at table

Seeking out low-income housing can be an overwhelming task. If you are looking for low-income housing options for yourself, or a loved one, it is important to know your options, rights and what resources are available to you. There are many questions to ask yourself to determine the right option; What can you afford? What […]

Home repairs for senior citizens

A senior is excited about his home repairs

There’s no place like home. As seniors grow old, they often want to age in place in their family home. However, keeping up a house can sometimes require more maintenance and repairs than planned. In particular, seniors are more vulnerable physically and financially, making home repairs potentially difficult to do and pay for. Luckily, seniors […]

Free legal services for seniors

A gavel representing legal services for seniors

Seniors have rights – and often need legal assistance, whether regarding justice, crime, guardianship, advance directives or elder abuse. If you need legal resources or pro bono assistance, we’ve put together a list of organizations with free legal services for seniors. Your search for legal assistance can start with these reliable, senior-focused organizations. 1. Justice […]

Understanding Walk-In Tub Types

A walk-in tub

Falls in the elderly can be life-threatening – and they happen often. In fact, one in four Americans over the age of 65 falls every year. Luckily, preventing falls is possible. If you’re worried about your loved one’s potential to slip or fall, you should consider fall-proofing his/her home. A good place to start is […]

Top Toys for Dementia Patients

A senior enjoys a jigsaw puzzle

Dementia patients have different needs than other seniors. In fact, dementia patients often suffer from agitation, but may no longer understand or be drawn to past hobbies to fill the time. Thus, it’s important for dementia patients to have new types of enrichment activities that fit their skills and help them cope with symptoms such […]

Who Should Wear a Medical Alert Bracelet

A man's arm with a medical alert bracelet

As we age, we become more susceptible to injury, illness, and emergencies. As unfortunate a reality as this is, there are ways to combat it and address it head on. Medical alert bracelets, watches, and necklaces are all fantastic resources to help avoid stressful and dangerous situations. Whether or not a medical alert bracelet is […]

Caregiver Support Groups

Women supporting each other

According to the AARP, caregivers – especially those who are taking care of their loved ones and are not paid for their work – are more likely to experience financial, physical or emotional difficulties because of the increased amount of stress. If you are a caregiver struggling with similar issues, support groups can offer a […]

Best Products for Preventing Pressure Sores

Chair with a cushion

As you get older, it is normal for you to become more frail, especially if you are battling a terminal illness. This frailty means that you or those elderly loved ones you are taking care of will have a hard time with movement. Unfortunately, when you do not move your body enough and are constantly […]

Gifts For Older Men

A watch, a credit card, and a few other gifts for men

Gifts are symbolic of your care and thoughtfulness towards someone in your life. Recipients can always look back on a fond memory when they remember your gift, which is a beautiful thing to share with anyone.  There are no creative limits to what you can gift someone. In this article, we will give you some […]

Gifts For Older Women

Two hands hold flowers, a lovely gift for an older woman

Gifts are great ways to express your appreciation for someone, whether they are part of your family, a friend, or an acquaintance. They can brighten up someone’s day when done right. Often, the best gifts are those with the most thought put into them over presents that hold only monetary value.  Typically, how much someone […]

Best low-cost internet for seniors

An elderly woman types on her computer

For many seniors, the internet is a key way to stay in touch with family and keep entertained during the day. In fact, 59% of seniors are active internet users. Having access to the internet is perhaps even more important now during social distancing measures. However, getting low-cost internet for seniors that’s reliable and doesn’t involve […]