Where There’s a Will, There’s a Plan

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What is a Will? Why Create a Will? To understand the benefits of a will, you must first understand the process that occurs when you die without any legal document distributing your estate upon your death.  “Intestate” is a legal term used to describe a person who dies without a will (or a trust).  When […]

A General Explanation of Power of Attorney (POAs)

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You may have an estate planning instrument, such as a will or trust, that explains how you want your assets distributed on your death.  While this is a great step towards creating your comprehensive estate plan, you may also want to consider creating another document, a power of attorney (“POA”), which can benefit you and […]

Lightweight Wheelchairs: A Comprehensive Guide

A couple with a woman pushing a man in a lightweight wheelchair along the water near a geometric building

The process of choosing a wheelchair for your senior can be difficult, especially given how important the choice is. It’s an act of weighing and balancing a variety of factors, including comfort, speed, weight capacity, and lifting weight — and for those who have never had to purchase or guide the choice of a wheelchair […]

16 Gifts for Caregivers to Show Your Appreciation

A wrapped gift for caregivers, with a blue and wheat color scheme

Caregiving can be a full-time job that demands ample competence, love, patience, and mental presence — and in spite of this, it is work that often goes unappreciated. For all of the hours that caregivers close to you put into making sure that loved ones are properly seen to, they deserve to be pampered and […]

How to Qualify for Disability

Disability sign

For those of us navigating benefits programs and what our loved ones can qualify for, the entire process can seem confusing and unnecessarily stressful. Understanding how to qualify for disability benefits is important, especially if the disabled person does not have sufficient income and requires financial assistance from the government. This article, detailing how qualifying […]